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October 18, 2005


Love this post! I haven't seen the two shows you mention but I was addicted to "Being Bobby Brown" all the while being repulsed by it! I really hate all these kinds of reality shows and don't understand why, for instance Whitney Houston did this? I get why Bobby Brown wanted to do it, but...

When did Florence Henderson become a Therapist???? Oy Vey! Me? I don't want to be on any reality show, thank you very much, unless it is a gardening show...."Cactus Galore".

The only reality shows I would be on are the ones where either (1) they give you a brand new $75K kitchen designed by a celebrity chef or (2) they give you a $5k Visa card and implore you to buy cashmere sweaters and Italian leather boots.

I wish I had known that your show was on Sunday night; I didn't read your entry about it until yesterday, unfortunately. Maybe I will catch a rerun.

I actually watched most of "Ballroom Bootcamp" last weekend; little did I know that once again Danny Miller's life would have a hand in it. I really have to find shows that you have no connection with.

Before I rent season one of "Lost," let me ask you: did any of your family or friends live on the mysterious island at any point?

There's no way I can keep up with the Millers et al, but as I have written you, HGTV had the bad taste to run your segment during the final Sox-Angels game that put the Sox in the World Series for the first time in 46 years. Still watched you while the Angels scored 2 runs. I did have my 15 seconds of fame the next day when ABC-TV caught me at Manny's for lunch with my Sox hat on and put a microphone in my face. My reminiscences about Zaid taking me to the first game in '59 made the 4 and 6 news. Still didn't get me a ticket, unfortunately.

Uncle Paul

Oh cool, Paul, do you have it on tape? I didn't know you went to the 1959 World Series. Hey, I was three weeks old at the time, how come I didn't get to go? Come to think of it, I remember you always being a Sox fan. How did that happen when you lived on the North Side just a few blocks from Wrigley Field?

Retropolitan, no island connections but Matthew Fox used to be on "Party of Five" with Neve Campbell who recently bought our friend's house. Okay, that's a stretch.

Dear Danny,

We saw you on you on "If Walls Could Talk" and think you have that "Q" rating that our demographic of 14-28 year old girls are looking for. As an executive with CBS, we'd like to have to become one of the "survivors" on our next installment on Survivor: Galapagos Island. As someone who lives in Los Angeles, raises a child, bought an old home, and works in publishing, we thought you could survive anything.

Lesly Moonieves


First off, thanks for posting stills from the "Walls" show, as I never got around to requesting a TIVO of your appearance there. If I blow the video-caps up a bit, I can get a fair idea of what you and Kendall look like, and the features of your rather unusual home.

Regarding reality shows: I believe they're wildly popular for these reasons:

1) Producers love them because they eliminate the need for PROFESSIONAL ACTORS and WRITERS -- demanding, unreliable and expensive creatures who have a tendency to gum up one's shooting schedule, and narrow profit margins. Reality shows involve "regular" people, or at least washed-up B-list celebs, who make up the action and dialogue as they go along. Just come up with a good concept, a location, a few cameras, an editor, and a couple of schmucks willing to show their warts to the world, and -- voila! -- entertainment.

2) The TV-watching populace loves them because -- let's face it -- most of us are voyeurs by nature. It's inherently interesting to watch people seemingly far more fucked-up than ourselves, and/or in extreme situations we'll probably never encounter, go through their paces. Danny Bonaduce, Ozzy Osbourne, and the various nebbishes who populate less celeb-centered shows are fascinating in the same way a bloody car accident is -- you know you shouldn't slow down and watch, but curiosity always gets the better of you.

As for me, the only reality TV show I'd consider appearing on would be one where I was given my own lavishly-appointed private tropical island,with the Olympic women's beach volleyball team on duty to cater to my whims...

Oh no, I read this entry late and missed it. What was the episode title? Maybe I'll see a repeat.

(And send it to Zoom... ooooh two ooooone three fooooour! Don't get me started on Ubbi Dubbi.)

OY. I hate reality TV with a passion. In my improv class last year it was generally the topic of my rants.

I try to avoid it as much as possible, but I'll admit that I have a few guilty mother and I have been known to watch "Super Nanny"...and the first few weeks of college I was stuck in my room watching "Celebrity Fit Camp" and "Tommy Lee Goes to College". Oh, and anything on the Food Network, Animal Planet...or "Trading Spaces".

It's a good thing I dont have a TV anymore. I've decided that reality life is better than reality television.

I watch very little tv. So, unfortunately, I missed your episode!! But I'll see it, one way or another, what with all the technology available. So glad I saw the house in person.

My reality show would take baseball fantasy camps one level further: chosen contestants would get to play an actual position in an actual major league (probably Spring training) game, for one inning. Wouldn't that be freaking hysterical?!!

A way to bring some fans back . . .

Sometimes I have thought that my life is one big reality show. I wanna see fantasy, fiction ... but then what is reality? Check out Richard Cohen's blog for a reality check at:

Come to think of it...I got into Columbia College with an essay(rant) about reality tv....

And I won't ever get into my family's obsession with American Idol. Oh how ashamed I am of them!

I'm right there with you. It may be a stressfull time crunch each week to create a script and rehearse but imho nearly half of the most fun pop culture exits because of all that hard work and willingness to be creative.
What will there be to look back on for reality TV addicts?

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