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October 30, 2005


I like Blog Danny.

The other Danny ain't so bad, either!

I, too, adore Blog Danny. He is so funny, so insightful and always such a total delight to be with. When I know he has a new post, I RUN to the computer. But I have to tell you I couldn't live without the other sometimes pouty, sometimes insane, sometimes unreachable, sometimes stuck in the mud Danny who lives outside the computer. While Blog Danny and I have fun disagreements usually involving a member of the MGM stock company, that other Danny and I have some really intense wrangles about those standard topics: family, friends, money, sex, and our sometimes very different wants and priorities -- if only we agreed about life to the extent we do about movies! But there is no one on earth I'd rather wrangle with -- no one else I've ever been able to wrangle with and not run away. I adore Danny and Blog Danny and I also love getting to have them both in my life. I also thank God that Danny can accept that real Kendall -- selfish, demanding, new experience-hating, hermit that I am and not pine away from that charming, faultless girl he met before he did me -- Book Kendall. We'll let Book Kendall and Blog Danny live happily ever after and we will live happily and miserably... just the way we like it. P.S. I think you look handsome in that photo.

It's so nice to read these public declarations of love; all spouses should be bold enough to do so! Sounds as if you make a good team.

I'm dying here - for love of Blog Danny and Book Kendall and also the real both of you. What a post. Am shaking my head and sighing in wonder. I have been thinking about how I "sound" and "seem" on my blog and how I really am inside myself. You make me think, laugh and cry and clap my hands in glee! What a joy. Thank you for this.

About a week ago I met one of my favorite bloggers and commenters -- Tom Strong. (What a fictional-sounding name, right?) He and his girlfriend were visiting their parents, hers in NJ, his in Greenwich Village, so they had a chance to come by. (This is germane, stay with me.) It was only my second meeting with a blogfriend -- Tamar being the first. (Ronni and I live a few blocks apart but have managed not to get together, in a real case of Manhattanitis, exacerbated by her showing her apartment and me being less and less able to leave Jacques. It was a rather fraught meeting because I like Tom's writing voice so much (it's safe to say that our writing voices like each other so much) that I hadn't been able to help clothing it in its own fictional character, and I suspected that he had helplessly done the same with me. And I knew that neither of us was going to be the way that inner voice had led the other to expect. Would he be disappointed in the 3-D me? Would I be disappointed in him? Would I feel hopelessly inferior to my inner writing me and would he wish he could be his inner writing him? For one thing, blogging me is ageless (though she doesn't lie about her age), while real me is just the age of Tom's parents, and looks it!! Writers become writers because they are introverts, after all. Would we both want to banish our opaque physical shells and go back to being insubstantial blogfriends?

A little of all that (eased by the easy presence of his delightful girlfriend). Discovering that your good friend lives inside a stranger is always a shock, but a brief one. It throws you off your stride for a minute, then you bring the two into register, recover your composure and go on. But you, with this brilliant post, have hit on something deep and embarrassing about writing --how it is a way we create the person we wish we were.

When I first became Message Board Rosie, I discovered that I could be witty and charming. My innocence was considered cute and endearing by these internet people. Message Board Rosie actually talked to people. She never cussed or told a dirty joke. When she had a crush on a boy, it was puppy love and adorable. Your sister got to know Message Board Rosie quite well, and when I met her for the first time, I was afraid that she wouldn't like Real Life Rosie anywhere near as much as she seemed to like my internet counterpart. Lucky for me, she was able to accept both.

The scary thing was, for a little while, I was convinced that Message Board Rosie was really me, and I couldn't fathom that there was a separation between us. Now, I realize that while she and I have our similarities, I'm also my own person, and when I write, the purpose of it is to portray a certain part of me, just like one would with any other character.

Danny, your blog is part of the reason that I continue my blog...because I aspire to be able to write like you. I wish to be knowledgable on all sorts of subjects, or at least pretend that I know what I'm talking about and be able to convince people that I do.

Also, someday I hope to meet Real Danny, because I do very much enjoy Blog Danny's thoughts. Perhaps we could have some intelligent discussions. And maybe I'd learn a thing or two from you (not that I don't already.)

I like Blog Danny too. At least he doesn't needle me about my yiddishkeit the way the real Danny does (shayna punim!).

I try to keep the real Nappy40 off my blog. Blog Nappy attempts to be serious Nappy, but I can't even pull that off in my real life.

There is one thing Danny Miller can do that Blog Danny can never do: and that is play a perfect game of Kuni.

Remember that song we used to sing when we were kids about blog writers? OF COURSE YOU DON'T. But I know Danny Miller does!

I like Blog Danny a lot, and I thank him for this beautiful post, one of my favorites in all the blogosphere. But wait a second - the post was written by Real Danny, wasn't it? So for an instant, Real Danny became Blog Danny? But what was the real Blog Danny doing when Real Danny was writing in Blog Danny's place? And if Real Danny's post is Blog Danny's best post, doesn't that mean that Real Danny is a better Blog Danny than Blog Danny? Now I'm getting confused.

I feel like giving Blog Danny and Book Kendall a blog/book hug.

I think you should invite all those who comment on your blog to have lunch with both Blog Danny and the Real Danny.

While growing up I was always called Danny. My mother, my sister, and my brother still call me "Danny." I haven't called "myself" "Danny" for over 40 years! The profile on my blog uses "Dan" as opposed to Danny. Yet...I know that's me. ain't "Danny." It's the same guy with all the same charcteristics ( given changes over time of course ) but I don't really know "Danny." If I were to place a double image (such as the one on your post ) of myself on my blog I would have to name them "Dan" and "Danny." They...are not the same person. And certainly not the same "self." They...wouldn't even look alike. Even photoshop wouldn't be able to link the two together. Yet... I still answer when addressed as "Danny" by my sibs and mom. But as they make the request I am fully aware that they don't know me either. I am especially more aware of that each time that I see them. This Thanksgiving will be more interesting since seeing your post since I will be sharing dinner with them. I think I'll take some family photo's. A kind of instantaneous before and after. What do you think?

PS. I really like your post Dan.

Real and Blog Danny love all these comments.

Richard, while Real Danny was writing this post, Blog Danny was pouting that he never authorized a guest blogger. Blog Danny was pretty judgmental about the post, spewing comments like "Jesus, what a narcissist this guy is! Get a life!" Blog Danny was also completely horrified that Real Danny was posting that awful photo (he wants everyone to know that he was purposely making a face and that it is not his normal expression). Suddenly Real Danny realized with a start that Blog Danny isn't as confident or as nice or well balanced as he thought, that ultimately Real Danny is much more honest and takes more risks. Oy, now I'm really confused.

Let's pause while Dr. Joanne Woodward performs a Sybil-like integration of Blog Danny and Real Danny.


There, that's better. Now, let's see how long I can remain one.

what a great post. universal. i really enjoyed reading this today.

Danny or Dannies, thanks for clearing that up. I'm sure you will remain one throughout your life.

On the other hand I'm beginning to see subtle differences in the photos of the two Dannies. The one on the right is more solid, somber, serious. The one on the left is more carefree and easy to get along with. It's the lighting.

PS: Re Nappy40's comment: I've often thought that while I enjoy kidding around with the blog Nappy, I would feel constrained kidding around with a serious professional such as the real Nappy.

Blog Danny would agree to lunch with you, but he wouldn't show up. Bastard.

I wanna be like Mike!

I've always wondered if you could have lunch with yourself whether it would be interesting. What would you talk about?

Neil, I'd probably ask Blog Danny provocative questions like how he'd feel if a pharmacist at Target refused to fill his prescription because of his religious beliefs. I know that Real Danny has much stronger opinions that Blog Danny and that Real Danny's vehemence on certain subjects makes Blog Danny very uncomfortable.

Or we'd just talk about movies.

I just find your blog! It's very witty and interesting! I will return! Regards, from Sonia, São Paulo, Brazil.

You know, I always thought you had a beard for some reason. Guess I was wrong.

I suspect that Blog Danny and Real Danny have a bit more in common than the curious coincedences listed above. I also suspect that, given how much all of us who know only Blog Danny, would like Real Danny enormously, if given the chance to do so. Questions remain, however; if Blog Danny and Book Kendall had a baby, what would it be? A Bloog Baby? A Blook Baby? Also, is there a Book Danny? And how will that confuse things?

Join the alter ego club, you two Dannies! Me and Augustine would be happy to join you and all the other duos (trios? quintuplets?) for lunch.

Btw, those photos: is one of you as seen in the mirror, and the other one not? You know, left or right? Or are they both the same?

Very insightful post and it pushes buttons in all of us bloggers. I've been reluctant to reveal my "real" (?) self to blog-friends though on the few occasions this has happened, it's been great.

Blog Mark loved this piece. He deemed it insightful and so refreshing.

But it scared Real Mark. I'm afraid that if you keep being so honest about this stuff, Danny, people will learn the truth about me.

So, spare me the painful moments of self-recognition and never let the Real Danny blog again.

(I am kidding. But you did show me some things about my public personas, blogging and otherwise. And that was a bit uncomfortable.)

Mark Daniels

WOW! What a terrific post, Danny. You are so incredibly clear about everything you feel and though I understand this is a serious thing you are dealing with, it's very funny, too!
From my perspective...and I speak for myself; who we are is who we are and that is how it will always be in the nitty, you know...flaws and all...(Oh to be like my Blog-Self..except, I am...along with all that other stuff ALL of which you mentioned!)
And, again, from my perspective, I think who you are is wonderful!
Great Great Great!

Both of you are incredibly hot and hip. (I found you through Girish's website.

Fortunately, no one is perfect - how boring!

A wise man (Leonard Cohen) once sang,

"Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering.
There is a crack in everything,
That's how the light gets in."

very interesting, but I don't agree with you

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