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October 15, 2005


What a fabulous post Danny!!! Truly wonderful. I MUST see you and Kendall walking through your house and holding hands, too...what time is that on??? (I hope you are going to Tivo, or Tape it!! PLEASE!)
I think it's a very wonderful thing that you are such a Historian; we need more people in this world like you...besides giving all of us so much terrific information, the education you are giving Leah is truly truly special....!
More, More, More, dear Danny!

This is the 2nd time I've seen a photo of your home; it is magnificent.

It has so much character and appeal...just like its homeowner!


Another superb post!

I understand too well the antiquarian aesthetic and attitude. One of the great pleasures of moving to the Bay Area, for me, has been living in a city where history is respected and celebrated, and where people actually restore 19th and early-20th century buildings, rather than demolish them so that some boxy PoMo monstrosity can blight the landscape.

As for actually learning about history, my influences were literary rather than electronic. As your wife can attest, growing up with a writer/editor as a mom guarantees you'll read like a Chicago voter casts ballots: early, and often. My attraction to certain times and cultures was fed by books as well as other influences; here are the biggies in my personal Way-Back Machine:

* Ancient Greece and Rome [Time/Life tomes on the Classical world, along with my paternal Mediterranean heritage]
* The pre-Christian Celtic and Germanic tribes [Fantasy lit, coupled with my maternal genes]
* The Byzantine Empire [Various feeds; it always seemed to be to me a good balance of Christian/Jewish/Pagan influences that contributed to a remnant of Roman cultural survival]
* Late Victorian/Edwardian England [the ghost stories of M.R. James and others. What a wonderfully civilized and genteel world -- interrupted, of course, by ghastly spectres -- their heroes inhabited!]
* Noir L.A. [Raymond Chandler got me at an early age, and I followed him up with Ross MacDonald and -- more recently -- James Ellroy.]

The special show about your house and its inhabitants sounds intriguing. Unfortunately, living as I do without the benefit of cable, I'm going to have to miss it. Perhaps I can talk one of my vidiot pals into TIVOing the segment; I'd love to see you & Kendall discussing the glories of the L.A. bungalow style.

Hope you and the family had joyous High Holy Days!

Great post, thanks.

That must be so amazing to live in a house that ties you to the city's past. It's probably the thing I like least about Los Angeles is that there aren't daily reminders of the citizens who walked the same steps as you years ago. So many city leaders were short-sighted in not thinking about the importance of continuity from one generation to another. Luckily, there are still some neighborhoods and buildings that have the ghosts of years gone by, so an Angeleno can feel rooted in a place with some sort of history.

-Did you also explain to her the concept of a "freedom rider?" I've always thought that was a pretty sly lyrical twist.
-"Maude" is addictingly singable. Once, at the end of a several-week tour, I sang it to myself non-stop for probably a couple of hours. I was very tired.
-I've spent the last year trying to breathe life back into an 1892 Victorian in Minneapolis, and it's been enormously rewarding. I've done a lot of historical research and knowing about the people who lived here before me is priceless.

Saw the show last night. Oh, that house! The pics on your blog don't seem to do it justice. How do I get a house like that?

Just move to L.A., Nappy, and find a house in our inner city neighborhood. We'd love to have you! That goes for you too, Neil. In fact, I'd love to start a blogging commune with all of you. Don't worry, we won't have to get together very often, we'll just sit in our historic houses talking to each other through our computers.

I thought I looked like Jabba the Hutt on the show last night but that our house looked great! (But why did they keep showing the same shot of the filthy tile floor in our basement?) I loved the focus on Henry Jensen and his movie theatre past and I thought Kendall was very fun. Did you see her comment about the brothel during the closing credits?

ellen and I missed this, will it air again?

Danny, I have it on TiVo and didn't watch it all--just the segment about your house. I'll watch it again for the credits. I didn't notice any filthy tile door either. I love the porch and large windows. That's it, I'm moving to L.A.!

This was a great show! Thanks for sharing your home with all of us. What a wonderful house!

Question: Why was Kendall trying to destroy the front steps at the beginning of the show?

Dear Mr. Kendell
I saw your segment on HGV about your mural. I'm writing to you because my grandma's house has a mural in her house EXTREMELY similar to your's. Her house was originally from Temple City, which borders Pasadena, but was moved to El Monte where it lies now. I am interested to learn the name of the man you might or might not have painted this mural also. What was that man's name: ______ Jensen? I would be very happy if you could send me a picture of your mural so I can compare, I promise to do the same. Email me at:

Thanks for your information. Most of the posts in the blog is really valuable. Regards..

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