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September 07, 2005


I sure wish I could go from being a "stayer-upper" back to those enforced naps of childhood.

Let me say it again: having my pre-teen band in an oatmeal commercial directed by ERROL MORRIS would be the coolest thing that ever happened. I would have a tattoo that said "I was in an oatmeal commercial directed by Errol Morris." It would be my number one pick-up line, if I were single and used pick-up lines.

It's too bad that your nephews will probably not appreciate how insanely awesome this is for at least another decade or two.

Okay, Danny, name THIS commercial:

"Curlers in your hair,
Shame on you,
Curlers at the door,
Shame on you..."

That refrain from (probably) a late 60's or early 70's commercial comes to mind, but I'm clueless as to what the advertised product was. Adorn Hairspray perhaps...?

I remember it well, Pearl (unfortunately!). Kindess hairspray from Clairol, with the offensive tag, "Keep America beautiful—don't wear curlers!" Women really took a beating in commercials back then. It's a good thing cancer-causing Virginia Slims were just around the corner:

You've got your own cigarette now, baby
You've come a long, long way!

Thank you, thank you, thank you. All these years, since I was a little girl, I've had the refrain tossed around every now and again, and couldn't remember its source, even though I remember the commercial.

How about "Hi, guy!" (with the guy who opens his bathroom cabinet and sees his neighbor) for the deodorant commercial.

One of my faves of all time were the Charlie perfume commercials featuring Bobby Short at the piano. Good jazz + nice fragrance = memorable commercial.

That's easy, Pearl, those were for Right Guard deodorant. I even remember who the star was of those commercials—it was Chuck McCann who also starred in the weird late 70s show called "All That Glitters" in which women were in power and men were the sex objects. Anyone remember that one? It came on right after "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman" and also featured Eileen Brennan, Barbara Baxley, Lois Nettleton, Linda Gray as a transexual, and Gary Sandy as the sexually harrassed secretary. Oy.

Remember Shelley Hack as the Charlie perfume girl? She ended up replacing Kate Jackson on "Charlie's Angels" but didn't last long. Her biggest claim to fame was being part of the "shallow couple" who talk to Woody Allen on the street in "Annie Hall."

Okay, that settles it, I need a lobotomy...

I remembered her first name, Shelley, couldn't remember her last name, but knew she'd become an "angel."

Danny, my job as a copy editor for a book publisher entails a lot of fact checking. I definitely know whom to call on in the future! ;)

Have a great day.

oh no!!! i missed it this morning! and i have a class tonight during scrubs!!

i'm guessing that your sister is going to be taping this, right?

those kids are the best. it'll be awesome telling everyone that my homeboys (dylan and spencer) are on tv!

Rosie, it's supposed to run for three months so I'm sure you'll see it.

oh. right.

i've never been sure how long these things run.

When I think of commercials that I can't get out of my head, I always think of:

"Looks like a pump -- feeeeeels like a sneaker!"


"Time to make the donuts."

Nothing like Easy Spirits and Dunkin' Donuts.

Should've gotten their autographs when I met 'em.

I changed today's decoder ring message to "Oatmeal makes you rock more efficiently."

The parents of my ex-sister-in-law appeared in a Quaker Oats commercial a few years ago and since then, her father has been in a number of TV ads for them and others. This is a guy who lives in a small Ohio town and never had any interest in acting. It's opened up a whole new life for them.

I'm the creative director on the Quaker Oatmeal account. I'm tickled to see so many people commenting on our Blisters spot. Of the 32 commercials we produced this summer, this one is my favorite. I really think these kids are gonna go places. We put them in the spot because they are nice, smart, talented kids (who happen to be friends with my kids). I can tell you it had nothing to do with Jeff. I didn't even meet him till the shoot (where he was tuning the boys' guitars). And before the shoot was over, I did get the band to autograph a few tubes of Quaker Oatmeal. Maybe I'll sell them on eBay.

Okay, let's see how good you really are!
Munch, Munch,Munch a bunch of (Blank).
It's not polite to smack your lips,
But you can't help it with (Blank)
Munch, Munch,Munch a bunch of (Blank)
Pearl recommended I read your blog...
By the way, I had lunch in a restaurant next to Mickey Rooney about a month ago...he no longer looks like Andy Hardy!

Randi, that would be Frito's corn chips. (There ain't a commercial I haven't committed to memory.)

Danny, you are my hero!

I don't care if you eat oatmeal, the real question is -- do "The Blisters" eat oatmeal? I won't tell anyone if they are more of a "Frosted Flakes" group when they go back home...

danny...isn't it 'choosy moms choose jif'? or is that just from my generation?

I absolutly love the commercial. I have three kids that look like a younger version of Henry, Spencer, and Sam. The one that looks like Spencer is named Spencer oddly enough. I hope these little guys go far. I love the commercial. We TIVO everything and I haven't seen a commercial in about a year, but this one stopped me. Now I think that episode of Scrubs is eternally occuping a space on my TIVO just so we can rewatch the commercial.
Great job all.

Neil, I do happen to eat Quaker Oatmeal, and not just because if puts food on my family's table. My favorite is Maple Brown Sugar. But to answer your question...yes, the Blisters really do eat oatmeal. I've got the outtakes to prove it. And hey, they all go to a Montessori school and never watch TV. I don't think they even know what Frosted Flakes are.

Wayne, I'm glad you liked the spot. You'll be happy to know that you can soon free up some space on your TiVo. The spot and a 5-minute film about the Blisters is about to go up on our agency website. I'll give you the link once it is. In the meantime, if you want a quicktime of it (anybody) email me.

Thanks, Chris, I can't wait to see that short film. But at the risk of getting my nephews thrown out of Montessori, I'm not so sure about the TV thing! I can verify, however, that they do eat Quaker Oats constantly, so they can go to bed with a clear conscience!

What commercial has "even the piano's wouldn't play with him" and who was it refering to?

I hope you're wrong about cutting out Spencer's line because frankly at our house that little closer MAKES the whole ad.

I have been trying to remember the name of the 7-Up uncola nut commercial actor. I think his first name is Jeoffrey, but I'm not certain. A big black guy, huge resonant voice, delightful Caribean accent.

Can you help?

He's Geoffrey Holder.

He's Geoffrey Holder.

Do you remember the background music of the 7-up the un-cola commercial by Geoffrey Holder? It sounded like a carribean beat. Can anyone remember the title of that song?

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