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September 04, 2005


I hope it was a Happy, Happy Day, Danny!

Hapy b-day, Danny. The Best Years of Our Lives is one of my favorite movies, and you coudn't have gotten a better choice this year. Whatever the hardships those military men had in coming back to the states, they all found friends and family who cared enough about them to bring them back to normal, as hard as it was for them to overcome their past. It sounds like you have a lot of friends and family that keep you sane.

Happy Birthday!

I can't stop myself from responding to your comment about attachment issues. Absolutely...your entry into the world would have contributed to such issues. In spite of the pretentiousness of the writing, I recommend A General Theory of Love. They cover the topic pretty thoroughly.

Best wishes and hopes that the best is yet to come.

H.B. to you. Hope it will be a great year for you.

Happy B-Day. Check my private epistles on your e-mail (sent before I opened your blog.)
Thanks for another great picture now in "My Pictures" and my screensaver slide show. You're preserved pretty good even if bubbe and zaid didn't put a plastic cover on you!

Happiest of birthdays to you, Danny. I do, indeed, hope this is the best year of your life.

( share a birthday with some pretty awesome people! What a great day to be born!)

A belated happy birthday, Danny. I tried to find a good international holiday that was on your birthday, but this bizarre Swiss shooting competition for teenaged boys is all I came up with.

Well Danny, in addition to yourself, you should mention another IMPORTANT cultural figure. Bonnie is in Figi today marrying the love of her life Michael. The way it is these days she tells me is the honeymoon comes first and celebration with friends and family later. She and Michael are in a beautiful place physically and spiritually, totally relaxed. Maybe they are on to something.

Happy birthday dear Danny. I hope to see you soon.

Holy crap, you were here **on your birthday**, and blew off the person who shared the Michael Reese maternity ward with you?!! For shame!

And don't you go blaming it on a senior moment, although that's becoming more plausible with each passing day...

I join the ranks in wishing you a belated happy birthday!!
Also wanted to say that "The Best Years of Our Lives" is literally one of my top five favorite films of all time. It was ahead of the curve in dealing with the effects of war on returning soldiers and their families and I had a major crush on Dana Andrews for years as a result of seeing the film - he died the year I turned 30. He was 83 and was acting until the end of is life. A short film he acted in came out the year after his death. So there it is, just keep on keepin' on and don't worry about the aging thang, it's all a state of mind.

I check in every once in a while since I'm a huge fan of the band who must not be named. But today I'm writing to wish you a happy birthday since September 4th was my own brother's 45th birthday. How about that?

Happy belated birthday... must be something about the age that makes people post kid pictures of themselves on their blogs. :)

My 46th is this month too. Forget the 2031 thing! A similar experience convinced me that my death would occur at age 27. Had a scary plane ride on my birthday that year, but I'm still here, at least for now.

i love "the best years of our lives." I cant believe it took me thirty five years before I found it, being the movie buff that I am. Maybe now I should see what films came out in 1943. maybe some slim pickings, given that the war was on. o, and you will never guess how i found your blog, not that you care

TO KORNELIOS: Well, there were some terrific films in 1943...Here are a few, ALL were up for Academy Awards in different catagories,and some won; some didn't.
CASABLANCA (Best picture winner-plus other wins, too); SONG OF BERNADETTE (Jennifer Jones and others won); THE MORE THE MERRIER (Wonderful film-Jean Arthur, etc);FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS (Ingrid B. & Gary C.); HEAVEN CAN WAIT (The 'Original' version-Robert Montgomery-picture was up for Best Pic); MADAME CURIE (Inspiring film about the Curies-Greer Garson and Walter Pidgeon);WATCH ON THE RHINE (Dated mostly because of the 'war', but worth watching-Bette Davis and Paul Lukas who WON: BEST ACTOR); THE OX-BOW INCIDENT (Great Film! Henry Fonda...If you watch nothing else, watch this one);.....
And the list, well, it goes on and on.
THE HUMAN COMEDY; THE CONSTANT NYMPH (Impossible to come by....e-mail me, JOAN FONTAINE was up for Best Actress); DESTINATION TOKYO; SHADOW OF A DOUBT (Hitchcock-wonderful film);
And in those days certain catagories had 10 nominees, like, Best Picture and SONGS:
Here are some of the songs up that year---incredible standards to this day: HAPPINESS IS JUST A THING CALLED JOE, ("CABIN IN THE SKY" an all Afro-American cast-WOW!); MY SHINING HOUR ("THE SKY'S THE LIMIT"); THAT OLD BLACK MAGIC ("Star Spangled Rhythym"---these three songs ALL written by Harold Arlen....ALL Standards to this about a GREAT Composer...Can anyone even remember what songs won in this year of 2005???); and more, but the winner was "YOU'LL NEVER KNOW", ('Hello Frisco, Hello'- another great standard song)
So there are some of the 1943 films you can rent and see what we were all watching back in 1943....Have Fun!!!!
And Danny..this is a GREAT BLOG!!!!!


Left the wrong address before, Danny. Sorry
This one is correct.
OldLady Of The Hills

Very interesting and creative this post! Love it! Congratulations!

Oh dear, no stolen (borrowed) stills from "Best Years of our Lives"? It is among my favorite movies, especially when Myrna Loy explains to Theresa Wright how she and F. March have to always fall in love with each other again and again throughout the course of their marriage. And how their reunion that took place down the long hall of their apartment was similiar to William Wyler's reunion with his wife in some hotel (the Plaza?) in NYC during the waning years of WWII. And when Dana Andrews attacked that horrible man who dissed him when he was working as a soda jerk after all his war exploits? It deserves at least one still, doesn't it????

A very belated happy birthday to you, and if it's any consolation, I am only 27 years old and can barely remember my childhood. My parents are also divorced and have been for ten years...perhaps blocking out my childhood memories was a subconscious reaction to that trauma? Just an idea...

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