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September 20, 2005


I love that little documentary...thanks so much Chris for letting me see that.

When I saw Obama introducing Wilco...I freaked out. This means big things for the band, I'm sure. And if Sue needs help deciding what to wear to the inagural ball, I'm an expert at that sort of thing.

(ps: did Sammy make that sign?? Seriously, who thought to edit that out of the commercial?)

Wilco trivia: They're mentioned in a song by my favorite (semi-active) group, Mother Hips. The song, "Smoke," seems to be about the joys of getting high to relieve the stresses of opening-act touring, and includes the line:

Wilco is up on the stage
A cigarette, a straight edge, and a jet plane
You and I
Must be hiiiiiiighhhhhhhh [stretched out over twelve syllables to simulate heavy THC intoxication]

The album it's from, Green Hills of Earth, is an absolute classic of California rock/pop, and belongs in the collection of anyone with Taste and Decency.

OOOh, Barak Obama - oooh - I'll dance at that ball! What a celebration!

Will you invite me though, I wonder?

oops - sorry - I mean "Barack."

Hm...Barack as president.

Hm....Wilco at the inauguration.

Maybe the Blisters can open for them that night.

Rosie, those signs were all props but Sammy paraded them through the set brilliantly (almost getting flattened by cameras and booms in the process). His scenes made it into the earlier versions of the commercial but alas, Sam's a casualty of the cutting room floor.

Tamar, since we're probably both on FBI watch lists I have a hard time imagining either of us getting invited to an inauguration. I can't think of anyone I know whose closeted skeletons wouldn't derail a run for high office.

Retropolitan, I like the idea of the Blisters playing at the Obama Inaugural Ball, but I fear some 12-year-old Yoko Ono might break up the band long before then.

susie is always looking for a new thing to kvetch about for a week. this could be great!

Hmm. I looked all over the site to see if this video was still there but they must have pulled it. A shame. :(
P.S. Wilco rocks!

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