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September 15, 2005


My mother is going to be so dismayed to learn that she and Roberts have something in common -- her favorite movie is Dr. Zhivago, too. I've never seen it, of course, because I haven't seen anything. I thought that you would write about Robert Wise! You sent me a curveball.

Funny you should say that, Heather, I had every intention of writing about Robert Wise last night (as you know, he died on Wednesday at age 91) but Garbo and John Roberts just took over my brain. Tomorrow Leah auditions for "The Sound of Music" at her theatre company so I may comment on the brilliant director yet.

I'm constantly looking for a reason to dislike John Roberts...but I can't really find anything horrible about him. This may actually be not too devastating. We'll see what happenes after the court is in session, though.

Hey, break a leg to Leah! My high school did 'The Sound of Music' 2 years ago as it's first musical ever and it was a really good time (I did costume changes and makeup for all of the nuns and the children!) It's a really fun show to do because it's such a big cast.

As a lawyer, I found your analysis of the confirmation process the most salient, the most germane, all those other $10 words, too! I thought that was Roberts' most interesting answer, too. Thanks for your improv scatting off of it. As always, how the guy will turn out is a total mystery. Let us pray that Bush is as unhappy as Ike was with Warren and Brennan, Nixon was with Blackmun, and Bush I was with Souter. These indeed are the days of a wing and a prayer politics.

like everyone I assumed GW gave us a 50 year old idealogue. now I'm convinced that unless JR mislead the senate we have the best candidate we could ever hope for from bush. I'm very cautiously optimistic.

North by Northwest is ALMOST perfect. It always bugged me that Jessie Royce Landis looked the same age as Cary Grant. I know why casting directors always do that in movies and TV -- to make the main star look younger -- but it didn't work for me there.

Perhaps this isn't the right post to comment on, but I read one on a whim - I flew right to this blog while searching for Margaret O'Brien, and found your sweet post on her child star years - and have spent the last hour poring over your captivating articles, never pausing long enough to post my thoughts because I'm too enthralled in your writing. I just had to say that your effortless inclusion of classic film references in nearly all of your pieces makes them all the more readable and relatable, and I'm absolutely wrapped up in your thoughts, musings, and memories.
I will definitely be marking this fantastic blog! Take care, and thank you for such a worthwhile contribution to the online community.

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