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September 28, 2005


This post really speaks to me. Thanks.

I am always surprised and embarrassed when people praise me or compliment me, too. It's not so much that I wonder what they're after, but how they could be so naive to think that I did anything well.

I usually wonder what they're after--I think they're trying to manipulate me. I get very suspicious when I hear praise because I don't think it's genuine. I might have to consult with that eTherapist as well.

You know, Danny, I was feeling really self-conscious yesterday when I put up a long post about my self-doubt. Thanks for making me know it's okay. Keep up the honesty, you're talking for all of us....
PS. Is there such a thing as an etherapist? If not, there's a great business model. Forget about consulting one, become one!

An "etherapist"! What a fantastic notion. I would love to look into that. I wonder how that person would get paid?

Danny, this is one of your greats. I enjoyed reading about your and my interaction and remembering it acutely!

Here's how twisted **I** am: for a second, I seriously considered posting a comment that simply said, "You suck."

That's the kind of thing I would do to my brother, who never introspects like this, but would fully expect such a comment from me if he did, and we'd both get a laugh out of it.

So, this is a verbose way of saying that this post further cements your position as an honorary Gottlieb, and therefore subjects you to snide, inside-out compliments like the one above, which are full of compassion and caring, but, due to self-consciousness and repression, must be covered over with sarcasm, cynicism or satire.

Again I say, welcome to the family.

Gottlieb or no, sarcasm, cynicism, and satire are my middle names and among my favorite cloaks for compassion and caring!

Thanks for that, Danny, it really brightened my day (and made me think a little too...)

What an odd culture we live in that we're supposed to hide our happiness and feel so judged all of the time...I always think about this, but then feel like I'm being judged for thinking about it. (oy)

I heard David Sedaris say once that he hates listening to praise from strangers, because he can't return the compliment.

It's funny, but I have sort of the opposite problem. I don't mind at all hearing praise (in person or in writing), but can be uncomfortable giving it, especially in person.

It's easy to say, "Wow that's great" or "I really liked what you did there," but not something like, "I really value our friendship" or other such, um, mushy stuff. :)

By the way, I really like your blog. Your writing is superb. (We like you, we really, really like you.) :)

My parents were of the "don't explain" variety.

My husband and I explain too much--at least according to our children.

I'm not sure if there's an ideal way. Interesting post and subject.

Great post, Danny. I identified (I mean identify!) very much with your responses to different kinds of praise, and your reasoning on why praise in blog comments is easier to take. It's wonderful that you're able to confess your personality in this way to an unseen public. A terrific short essay, smoothly moving from topic to topic and tying them all together -- it's blogging at its best, the comments opening up a field of perceptions beyond what a single author's essay could do.

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