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September 13, 2005


I love the idea of filling an orchestra pit with water...that goes against every convention of theatre. Thank god for Ibsen, Shaw, Chekov and the other realists who brought about my favorite revolution in theatre!

Jeremy Sisto was creepy as Billy. But he was twice as creepy as Brady in the Catherine Hardwicke movie "Thirteen." I'd love to see him in a different kind of role (with or without the dog).

How about as Jesus Christ? Jeremy Sisto played the title role in 1999's "Jesus" costarring Jacqueline Bissett as the Virgin Mary and Debra Messing (Grace from "Will and Grace") as Mary Magdaline. OY!

Why is it that when I think of Mary Magdaline, I don't think of Debra Messing?

That must have been an...interesting production.

Frankly, when I heard about this opening, I had negative views about it because of the radio commercial emphasizing the water. I figured it was just a gimmicky show. But now I want to see it.

"most homeliest?" Ye gods. Doesn't that make your editorial blood boil?

My darling, I did hate having to launch my vicious attack on the same day the LA Times did something so RIGHT by publishing your article. And I swear it was only "ironic" -- not passive-aggressive!!! If only you were the LA Times Theatre/Movie Critic!!! Now that would be a Calendar section that could save this city!

WOW that is great omgosh that is whoa hmm i better go see it huh?! haha okie dokie READ ON!!!

What a terrific 'review' of DEAD END is a review in the best sense of the word and Kendall's letter is GREAT! You Go Girl, Indeed!!!! Having been a victim of critics as well as a tiny bit of a darling once in a while, too, I really think it's a Shanda that reviewers have this power to make or break a play...Luckily, not the case here in L.A. From what I hear from Ms. V.P. audiences are coming 'en mass' and loving it!! I hated that that Taylor A--hole didn't even acknowledge J.V.P...I mean, Co'Monnnnn!
Her part may be small, but as Spencer Tracy said, 'It's Cherce! (Is THAT how you spell that?) Anyway, I agree with Kendall, you should be the Theatre Critic for the L.A. Times! Thanks for giving me a 'heads up' about this post, I had missed it, somehow! Drat! I really really love ALL your blogs Danny, a whole lot!!!!

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