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September 02, 2005


I love this post, for all sorts of reasons. Which is not to cast aspersions on any of your other posts. (That's so you'll know, the next time I see you and say, "Danny, you look great," you won't give the classic Gottlieb/Jewish response, "Oh, so last time I was a big fat pig?!!")

I think everyone here does the Lt. Uhura thing because you have to use a hands-free device in the car in Chicago, and so people just keep it glued to their heads the whole day.

I'm always amazed at those GPS things, too. I often think, Why would you need such a thing, in a city so well planned, where almost all streets are at right angles to one another, and numbered in such an intuitive way?

Then I get lost.

It's nice that you get to celebrate your birthday in such a great place as Chicago. Happy birthday. Never been a big fan of the deep-dish pizza, but that's an East Coast-Chicago fight that's been going on longer than the Yankees and White Sox.

Glad you're not ashamed of your age, although it might have been a poor time to publicize it since I'm not sure the LAX authorities will allow you back in Los Angeles knowing that you are OVER 30! That's why Botox was invented.

As for the GPS, it is very cool and all, but it's another piece of technology that is going to make us one day incapable of reading a map. Sophia has one, and when it broke one day, she was literally freaking out driving to Santa Monica because she was so used to being told where to turn. She literally called me up so I could read her directions from Mapquest.

Again, happy birthday. I'd say something about you being a Virgo, but I don't much believe in that crap.

As Jack Benny (and the guy at the radio blog I read) would say, you're not turning forty-six; you're celebrating the seventh anniversary of your thirty-ninth birthday.

Thanks, David, Neil, and Retropolitan. We're heading out of the Windy City tonight provided Doris the GPS Savior/Nazi can get us to Midway Airport.

Biggest shock of the trip (that will only make sense to current or former Chicagoans): Marshall Field's gargantuan flagship store on State Street, which I would without hesitation call the best department store in the world (including those in New York and Paris), has been purchased by Federated and they're seriously contemplating changing the name of the store to MACY'S. I can almost accept George W. Bush being president for 8 years more easily than I can this potential travesty (okay, I said *almost*). Had a long talk yesterday with Tameka, a Field's associate (they don't use the word salesperson) who was selling my sister a lamp and we both got so riled up that I offered to fly in from L.A. and join her in a picket line on State Street if this name change comes to pass. Just say NO, Chicago! Macy's Frango Mints? I think not. What was that movie where every single store and restaurant in a future Los Angeles was owned by one mega-corporation, possibly Taco Bell? Was that "Blade Runner?"

Doris is an absolute genius. I couldn't believe how she found my house better than I could.

The Marshall Fields thing was a shock to all of us...I'm still nervous to find out what they're going to do about the name. (The Frango's aren't even made in the building anymore! People say they taste different now.)

Happy bday. next time you're in chicago give your long lost sis a call.

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