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August 02, 2005


I have to say I just love the part about your father leaving you messages in Spanish. It means even more to me since I experienced a wonderful dinner with him - oh and you too - where you there? - once.

Now you know, Danny, that I think your father is one of the most charming people - ahem, men - I have met.

Great - no, terrific post, Danny. Charming, loving, hilarious, honest, disclosing, interesting and so well written!

I am giddy whenever I see that you have a new entry. Yours is my favorite blog ever.

I remember feeling scandalized at age 13 when I realized that my grandparents got married in June 1950 and my mother was born in December 1950. She was no preemie, either; you can tell by her chubby cheeks and legs. Years later, when my grandmother wanted to disown me for living with a boyfriend, I really had to bite my tongue!

I should really start writing more posts like this one.

I guess it's a little bit different when you go by an alias, though! You tend to avoid the details of your life much like you avoid the details of your real name. I'd have to make it very vague!

The big question is was your mother as clever as Lucy and did she get herself into as many jams (like stealing pieces of the sidewalk from the Hollywood Walk of Fame)?

She did get herself into a lot of jams and her check-balancing skills were on par with Lucy Ricardo's. I can hear my dad now:

"Juuuuuudy, you got some 'splainin to do!"


How nice to hear from you! How are Kendall and Leah? This trip down memory lane was so bittersweet. I sure miss Judy and think of her often.

Take care,

Ken "Kenny" Humennyj

Wonderful post, as always. I always equated my parents with Sonny and Cher. Funny to see someone else doing a similar comparison.

The resemblance between Lucy and your mom is startling.

I always hated little Ricky, though... and wouldn't this whole parallel thing make you little Ricky...?

Could you please STOP PLAYING THE DRUMS?

No, my older brother would be Little Ricky in my twisted scenario.

Little Ricky wasn't half as bad as Ritchie Petrie in my opinion. Why couldn't those perfectly cast shows get better kids? Maybe it was the way they directed children back in the 50s and early 60s. I don't know why they didn't just use the real Desi Arnaz Jr. He did play Lucy's son later on in "Here's Lucy," of course, and played his own dad in "The Mambo Kings."

A fun piece.

My parents met on August 1, 1950 and were married on December 2 of that year. They will soon celebrate their fifty-fifth anniversary. Dad and Mom were 21 and 19, respectively.

My wife and I knew of one another's existences as early as junior high school. But we didn't really know one another--I'm not talking Biblically here--until we were in college. We began to date in January, 1974. Six weeks later, we were engaged, and married on August 2, 1974. I was 20 and my wife was 22. We just celebrated out thirty-first anniversary.

There is no "one size fits all" approach to this business of marriage, I guess.

I remember the day after Lucy filed for her divorce from Desi, my mother read the story to me from the newspaper. I could hardly believe it. Nobody I knew got divorced in those days. We're definitely not in the 50s any more. For the most part, that's a really good thing. But in others...sigh.

I've fallen in love with your parents.

How about getting engaged AND married within six weeks? My parents met on a blind date and were happily married some six weeks later.
G-d willing they will celebrate their 50th anniversary June 2006!

Whatever happened to that beautiful wedding dress your mother wore?

I love the love story! My husband and I have a record of our own... We worked together for 5 months, thinking of each other as "friends" until after week-long the Christmas break when I surprisingly realized I actually missed him. When I was fired by my evil supervisor, he rushed to the local Starbucks to console me. We had our first date that night, 9 days later he proposed, 6 months later we were married. We're still together 8 years later.
Love conquers all!

While dating, my soon-to-be husband told me that his parents eloped only 10 days after their blind date.

When I finally met his mother, I asked her if that was true. She sat tall in her seat, pulled her shoulders back, and declared, "It was *not* ten days. It was *twenty*."

Oh. Even twenty days should not be long enough to think you "had to" get married.

They, too, divorced. My FIL helped my future husband move away to his first post-college job, then moved himself out the next day.

Wow, if your parents were like Lucy and Desi, you must have had a very entertaining family life!

Thank you for reliving my childhood memories Danny!

I Really Loved Lucy And So Did You
By D.K. Milgrim-Heath
I realy loved Lucy and so did you-
Funny memories for you and me too!
Lucy with her flaming red hair-
I even had red headed cousins there!
The sillyiness of Lucy who could tame?
There was one Ricki and what's her name?
The crazyiness of Ethel and her Fred-
People laughted no matter what they said!
Your parents by the I Love Lucy Show-
Gave you memories what a way to go!
This great comedy of yesteryear-
Made both our lives precious and dear.

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