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August 01, 2005


In your last couple of posts, you've been complaining a lot about the crap that seems to come out of Hollywood nowadays (and I agree). So, it's nice to see that you're finally enjoying some recent TV and movie projects.

Soon, it will be fall which usually brings in a new crop of quality movies (and a whole new set of derivative reality shows on TV. When is the reality genre finally going to die?)

someone posted on my blog that i should not have posted that nate died because they were waiting for the DVD YET it was all over entertainment news yesterday.

I'm definitely the type that reads the end of the book after reading the first couple chapters. I don't want to get attached to characters who aren't going to fare well. I always try to find out how a movie ends before I decide to go. There is enough uncertainty and suspense in real life!

Being one of those people who are far behind (I'm in mid-third season with 6'under, via netflix) it's easy for me to indulge in my craving to know what happens next.

There's also a hysterical website called which recaps quite a few popular tv shows. I'm watching Smallville (while I work out) and the guy, Omar G., who recaps Smallville hates it and he makes me laugh out loud. Sometimes I read about the shows I've already seen and sometimes (yes) I read ahead.

You all in the real-time tv world are so far ahead of me that by the time I get there it will all be new again.

I'm still mourning Nate - spoiled as I was about the ending (I, too, read the summary of the episode, "Ecotone"). I can't look away from spoilers. It didn't matter...I still ended up devastated! I'm intensely sorry for a man who could not find peace in life - perhaps it hits too close to home. I know, I's silly to bring such seriousness to a television show. So sue me!

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