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August 10, 2005


Are you familiar with Laura Blumenfeld, who wrote "Revenge: A Story of Hope"? She said that although she's "obviously Jewish," when she went to Israel to find the Palestinian who shot her father, they had no idea. They just thought she looked American!

I haven't read Blumenfeld's book but I heard a fascinating interview with her on NPR. (Here's a link to it—it's really worth a listen!)


My blood boiled as I read this. I almost live in an upscale shtetl, but many of the people in this shtetl would have argued, if not pounded, this guy into the pavement. God forbid my sister-in-law had been sitting next to him. Or worse, my Israeli brother-in-law, although the guy would probably not know an Israeli accent if he heard one.

The college campus is a rough place to be openly supportive of Israel right now. So are many churches. But Starbucks?!!

Oy gevalt. I've been hearing this Palestine business a little bit too. Once from a Lebanese guy, and again from a guy who militantly told me he was from Palestine and starting ranting about evil jews and how they raise prices on everything. All because I was at an ice cream shop and my friend pointed to the sign on the door that stated that the establishment was under supervision of HKA. The Palestine guy said the jews raised the prices on the ice cream and most items in the grocery store. I didn't know whether to run into the store or back to the car and get the heck out of there.

People at that Starbucks would have it "taken care of"--god forbid open confrontation.

If this type of thing happens in Santa Monica, of all places, imagine what it's like to be overtly Jewish in areas with a large Arab population and anti-Israel politics, like some cities in France.

This is one fantastic piece! I've linked to it on my site.


Idiots abound, unfortunately.

Man, if I'd been there, I would've had words with this guy, and I'm not even Jewish! How audacious and rude of him to interrupt your conversation and insist that you listen to him! People like that infuriate me.
I probably would have had him banned from Starbucks. Ya know, like when they banned Mr. Udahl from his regular restaurant after he harassed the Jews into leaving "his table" in As Good As It Gets. Man, that was classic. I rejoiced at that scene. :) (When Mr. Udahl got kicked out, not when the Jews left, of course)

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