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August 30, 2005


You're not alone -- I am completely the same way. I get easily enthralled by everything for about at least two days, then get sucked into the errant waves of passion from some other random passing idea. That's why my girlfriend never lets me buy anything.

(Religion notwithstanding. My love for Gene Tierney does, in fact, outweigh my love for God.)

The good stuff lasts for a few years, and then I get bored. I was completely, totally into film noir for about three or so years. It was my life. It was also my thesis, which helped, but I loved it. Now, meh. I still like it a lot, but I'm not spending my recreational hours looking for obscure passages in "The Film Noir Reader." After that it was John Carpenter movies. There was a Wim Wenders period, too, and the time when I wanted to take karate. And my desire for skateboarding, and tattoos. Way back, there was a time when I wanted to be a priest.

We're the type of people "waiting periods" were invented for. A combination of natural curiousity, enthusiasm, and maybe a little bit of a search for identity.

That's it! You completely nailed it, Retropolitan—"errant waves of passion, search for identity..."

Now I'm getting exited about that Gene Tierney religion. Instead of services we can screen "Heaven Can Wait" (1944), "Leave Her to Heaven" (1945), and "The Left Hand of God" (1955).

I'm all about religions that involve watching lots of movies. Instead of wine, can we have cappucino?

As usual, Danny, your entry has total relevance in my life. I get so excited halfway through reading that I want to stop and post a comment right then! I force myself to finish the whole thing first, though.

Today I started my first math class in fifteen years. I was a junior in high school during the last one. Now I am a senior in college and I have put off math this long. The class is Math for Elementary School Teachers, not because I had any intention of becoming a teacher when I registered for it, but because that sounded easier than regular math. By the end of the class I was thinking, "Hey, this is cool! Maybe I _should_ be an elementary school teacher!"

When I am overcome by a new passion, I compile a reading list on the subject and check out a bunch of books from the library. It's a much less expensive and more pleasurable way of exhausting myself on the topic. I figure that I will always be a dilettante with eclectic interests; that's why working in the library is so perfect for me. I would imagine that publishing is much the same way?

Please will you publish this post! It is a jewel. A glorious piece of writing.

I have always thought of myself as a "groupie" because of the way I admire and get involved in other peoples' life styles. For me it certainly has to do with curiosity and love of life. I am always, over and over again, amazed at how diverse we all are - and it's fascinating and interesting in all sorts of ways. Have never really worked out why I like to - almost - become them!

But I think "becoming" them, for me, is a way I learn about "them" - is like putting them right inside me. I love that feeling! For awhile I seem to belong to something "other" ... probably has to do with a feeling of belonging ... one I always ache for but abhor - all at the same time.

Like Keanu Reeves' character in Parenthood, I shake my head now and think "phew! where did all that come from?"

See what you do?

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