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July 07, 2005


Hey "Danny Miller" - if this is "you" - I just *knew* you would be famous one day!

It's definitely a new world of journalism if blogs are going to be quoted as "sources." If you want even more hits on your stat counter, next time mention that you are a relative of Lindsay Lohan.

Danny: this is so unbelievably fascinating. Whereas I post horribly personal things on my blog but no photos -- these may be two reasons why your traffic is (sob) four times mine -- you post photos, to which people react in incredibly personal and proprietary ways. It's so odd that fans feel that a relative is infringing on their privacy! Kind of spooky, really, but also highly ironic.

I say milk it for all it's worth. Hopefully you walked out of Sue's house with some good collectibles. You can lift some of Jeff's prints off those things, and link from this blog to E-bay. Off you go.

Hi Danny - I am the culprit who "discovered" your blog. It might disappoint you to know that you are on the second page of Google hits on your name. I made a lucky guess.

I feel like I should apologize or something? I'm not sure. My intentions were harmless - I just wanted to find out more about that oatmeal commercial that the Blisters were in. Oh, and find out Jeff's underwear size. Could you post that, please? Thanks.

No need to apologize, Natalie, it's been fun getting the additional hits on my blog—even if the Wilco fans don't necessary match up with my usual demographic (or maybe they ARE interested in Jewish angst and 1940s movies!).

Oh, and sorry, I only discuss Jeff's underwear on Thursdays. Stay tuned for my riveting Boxer vs. Briefs post!

P.S. Did I mention that Lindsay Lohan is my niece?

1. Your nephew was in a commercial directed by Errol Morris? That's AWESOME!

2. There's a movie somewhere out there called "The Sweetest Sound." It's a documentary about a guy that goes in search of other guys that were born with the same name as him; it's available via Netflix.

3. If you want, I can start writing a lot of posts with the words "Danny," "Miller" and "Wilco" in them, so that you won't be so overwhelmed by Google traffic. I could use a couple hundred more hits a day! Then there's always the last resort of "X-TREME NUDE BLOGGING," but I haven't worked out all the details on that yet.

4. I caught the "Monk" marathon on July 4th, and I'm sad to say that I did not spot any episodes in the entire line-up that had your house in them. On the other hand, it was worth watching for Traylor Howard. >flutter<

Retro, I heard about that movie and I was hoping someone would tell me the name. Thanks, I'll check it out. I am certainly a candidate for a similar study!

I was suprised to hear that our NEW "Monk" episode, "Mr. Monk Goes Home Again," is supposed to air next Friday, July 15th. Surprised because they just shot it a few weeks ago and, as I mentioned on my blog, the episode takes place on Halloween!

I'm a long-time Fresh Air listener. But only just recently, after starting to read your blog, did I actually hear them saying, "Danny Miller". :)

Our cousin, Danny Miller, is missing.

He is under psychological care and has not taken his medicine in over 5 days.

He disappeared from JFK airport some time between Wednesday afternoon and Thursday.

He is 5'6 overweight 32 year old male wearing a black suit, white shirt and velvet yarmulka.

He has black hair and eyes, glasses and a beard and a British/South African accent.
He is carrying plastic bags and may say he's from Georgia, London, Israel, or South Africa.

Please help us find him.
Call Shomrim at 718-338-9797 - with ANY information.

Thank you so much! Aura Haft and Adina Blassberger

Found your site by accident, but I wanted to offer that the Danny Miller Band in Wiscsonsin is, indeed, excellent. Great music, greater musicians, so if you're into the blues with an edge and some fantastic blues harp (Danny Miller) plus superb guitar (Dan Lloyd), please rush right over!

Did anyone tryied torrents? awesome....can anyone rocemmend tracker for the stuff on this torrent?

There's Many People With Your Same Name
By D.K.Milgrim-Heath
There's many people with your same name-
So many people have it they claim!
Not many are with D.K.Milgrim-Heath-
For my pen name I myself did bequeath!
A different writer's name with a zing-
My own name and my kids joined by everything!
My kids need a professional identity-
Similiar to mine yet different from me.
You and your family are in the arts-
My kids and me are too we have our parts!

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