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July 12, 2005


I don't really know you other than your blog, but I was always assuming you were the clever one of the family. But now I see you're just lucky. How else could you get such a woman to marry you? Don't make the bacon in the BLT too crisp.

Happy 27th, sweetie.

happy birthday kendall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

I just wanted make it a matter of record in the blogosphere that WE (da family) ARE ALL VERY GLAD regarding that day at the Bel Air Hotel.

We love you Kendall!

Happy Birthday

Love, Your B-in-L, Bruce (that's Brother-in-Law, not bacon and lettuce).

~Sending warmest birthday wishes to the wonderful Miss Kendall~Big Kiss!!!

how did the crab puffs turn out?

The crab puffs were a disaster! Well, they tasted good but no matter how much extra flour I added I could never get that fishy liquid to turn into batter. I ended up using a muffin tin and Leah called them crab cupcakes.

That's what I get for cooking trayf!

A very Happy Birthday albeit belatedly - I was away and now I'm back!

Happy Birthday Kendall! It's true all the kids at BCC love you! Becky

I was one of the creepy guys who, just a few minutes ago, typed in "Kendall Hailey" to see what became of her. Ha! Back in the day, when the L.A. Times reviewed Kendall and her book, I went out and bought it. Then I wrote her, spewing admiration and telling her of my own sister, "Our Lady of Perpetual Ingratitude," and Kendall wrote back. I don't think I'll look up past encounters anymore. It makes me feel wistful and old.


Happy Birthday!
Remember me? Until about 5 or 6 years ago, we were penpals--then I failed to answer a letter, left NYC and my next letter was returned.

I'm in Seattle now--married and a Daddy!

Drop me a note.

Scott McKinstry

Dear Danny,

Call me creepy, call me a cab, but I have arrived at your site via a web search for Kendall.

She and I were good friends at Oakwood in junior high and high school, and due to my terrible habit of not keeping in touch she has not heard from me in ages.

Kindly pass along my e-mail address to her with the message that I hope we can reconnect!

Amy Balser Blumenthal

Happy Birthday to Kendall from someone who found her book in a used bookstore a few years ago and loved it like everyone else. It's so nice to know that she has found someone who loves her so much. :)

After reading how one actually becomes an autodidact when the book first came out, I have shared that thought with my sixth grade students. I encourage them to each become an autodidact and they love this creative opportunity. Thank you, Kendall Hailey, for writing such an inspiring book.
Please continue the book by writing about your life now...
Any chance you'd come to San Diego to talk with students about writing?!

oh my gosh! i just wanted to say that i loved the book, the day i became an autodidact! my summer reading last has quadrupled thanks to your book! i've forced all of my friends to read it and i've begun my own novel. thanks!

I am one who was always wondering "whatever happened to Kendall Hailey? And I entered her name today on google and got your blog. But what I would like to know is, what led you to recognize her in the hotel that day? What led you to ask, Are you Kendall Hailey? Had you read her book?

Hello there,

I just finished Kendall Hailey's book 'The Day I became an Autodidact'. It was utterly and ineffably adorable. I have so many questions. I would like to write to Kendall. Is there a way I could get her e-mail, or her home address? Please? Pretty please? I would be unspeakably grateful.


Another gushing fan, I know. So much so that I wrote an entry on my blog yesterday about how I found Ms. Hailey's book six years ago in my otherwise useless high school library during my last year of school. I was in the middle of graduating early and rebuking all beliefs that I should go on to college just to satisfy the peanut gallery (teachers, parents, friends, etc.).
Thanks Ms. Hailey. I owe you one.

Hi Kendall!
I was wondering how to get in touch with you! Please email me. I have thought of you so often. I can't wait to hear from you.

Kendall--If you've not read it yet, read Simon Callow's Love is Where It Falls, about his friendship with agent Peggy Ramsay. Literate, eccentric and charming as hell. I think you'll love it!
PS Hi!

I wrote Kendall a fan letter when her book first came out. She wrote back, in her terrible handwriting but with her wonderful wit. Eventually, I sent her a play I had written about Emily Dickinson and her strange relatives. I've been wondering for several years how she was doing. I am more than old enough to be her dad, so Danny does not have to worry about me. Glad to find Danny's blog, but it seems to need an update! ----Bill Adams, Hobbs NM

Hi Kendall & Danny,

I hope you both are well. Kendall, are you getting the emails about the memorial for Charles here in LA? I don't see your email in the list and I am sure you know about this but would feel like an idiot if you were out of the loop. I am on the very outskirts myself and its only my unlikely email friendship with Lisa Soland that keeps me informed. Please call me at 818-704-1817 and we can catch up! My 50th birthday is looming large!
love you crazy girl,

I'm the unlikeliest of fans--I have a Ph.D. and all the degrees leading up to it--but Kendall's book is still one of my all-times favorites, a lifeline of support getting me through the idiocies of academia.

Is there any sign that the follow-up is going to be published? I see this post is over two years old. Happy belated birthday.


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