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July 26, 2005


Oh, Danny! Thank you for supplying the visuals. Only you could do that. I cried!

Amba and I are on! I can't wait to see what questions she will ask me in my interview ...

Thanks Danny - thanks Amba!

Danny, you might remember working for Burr Tillstrom was my first paying TV job. One day a kid accused Burr (live on the air--hey...weren't you in the studio audience with Mom?) of ripping off Miss Piggy with his character Madam Ogulpuss.

Burr smiled and said, "Well you know, I happen to know that Jim Henson watched my show when HE was a little boy!"

Great Burr Tillstrom story! I do remember that you worked with him, Bruce, but NO, damn it, I wasn't in the audience for that show. Madam Ogulpuss was a great character but I only had eyes for my spiritual mentor...Beulah Witch!

Danny, you're a multi-tasking, multi-media maestro.

What an interesting interview. Amba is so honest and that's refreshing!

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