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July 05, 2005


Thank you for your excellent commentary -- and for sparing me from seeing this movie. I loved Elizabeth Montgomery madly. Long may she -- and her wand -- wave.

Pure magic, Danny!

And I LOVE the button!

I also have to reveal my lifelong crush on Elizabeth Montgomery. Bewitched wasn't my favorite sitcom as a kid, but I always felt that there was something so sexy about this character (before I even knew what sexy was). Even today, I go crazy in love when I hear a woman being called by a "man's" name, like "Sam."

I didn't know that she was Robert Montgomery's daughter!

I agree with you that the cast of the TV show was wonderful. When I finally saw Citizen Kane in a college film class, you should have seen how excited the class was at seeing Endora in a famous movie!

Has there been any good movie based on an old sitcom? Are we going to see "Cheers" the movie in another 15 years?

I also loved the TV version and am reluctant to have my old memories spoiled by the new. On the other hand - if it wasn't to be compared...could it be okay just as is?

We saw a preview for the Pink Panther with Steve Martin and Kevin Kline last night and we wondering about that very compare to the past or just to see it for itself?

Tamar, I see your point but no, this film sucks whether you compare it to the TV show or judge it in its own right. In fact, I think it'd be even worse if it tried to stand on its own because it wouldn't even make any sense. The entire plot rests on the audience's prior knowledge of the TV show but they do nothing creative or fun with that potentially funny gimmick.

Neil, one movie version of a sitcom that worked beautifully, in my opinion, is the first Brady Bunch movie. It had just the right balance of parody, self-awareness, and respect. Of course they ruined it by the second sequel. I hope the version of "I Dream of Jeannie" that is currently in development comes out better.

Yes, the Brady Bunch movie was very funny.

I was driving on La Cienega when I saw a poster for the new "Bad News Bears" with Billy Bob Thorton. The fact that they are actually remaking a movie I was alive to see the first time annoys me more than a remake of a sitcom. Maybe it just makes me feel old when they take a perfectly good movie like "The In-Laws" or "Day of the Jackal" and remake it. But I guess the movies are always doing that. I just looked on IMDB and it says that "The Count of Monte Cristo" has been re-made nineteen times!

My sister Sara and I loved "Bewitched" when we watched it every day after school in re-runs. Darrin's boss (wasn't his name Larry?) always cracked me up, too. I saw an episode recently where Darrin wishes he was Larry for a day, and ends up getting his wish. It was very funny.

Thanks for the warning about the movie, Danny-- I'll spend my $9.50 elsewhere.

Danny, I completely agree with your comments about the movie "Bewitched." I came close to falling asleep (when I wasn't considering walking out). I, too, loved the TV show and wanted desperately to be a witch like Samantha. Maybe next life.

Hollywood is so lame. They have a million creative people there and all they do is churn out this crap. It's really sad.

I was in a play in San Francisco once, based on Bewitched. It was a super campy version and it was really fun. Too bad they didn't use that version - it would at least have been a midnight movie for a few years. Oh well...

I was born in 1974 (in Australia) but grew up watching all the 60's/70's re-runs like Bewitched and the Partridge Family so in many ways, feel like I'm a 60's person! The spirit of the era's colour, gaiety, and optimism will always be with me, even though my main stomping ground was actually the "hardcore" 1980's. People may laugh at "Keith Partridge's" songs these days, or may compare a housewife like "Samantha Stevens" unfavourably with a housewife like "Roseanne", but at least those old shows made you feel you had something to look forward to!

As for the (2005) Bewitched movie, I haven't seen it and never had any intention to. Frankly, I've never thought Nicole Kidman was much of an actress, and certainly, there is no WAY she could ever step into Elizabeth Montgomery's shoes! And really, how can we expect actors like the thoroughly postmodern, cynical Will Ferrell to re-create, even partially, a landscape that was based on magic, imagination, and upbeat optimism for the future? The world of Darrin Stephens and that of Ron Burgundy are just too far apart, and frankly, I have no idea what the directors/producers thought they were doing!

The beauty of shows like Bewitched, Partridge Family, and even The Brady Bunch is lost when you try to unpack them in order to reach a "modern" audience. The original shows are insulted, and the remakes are empty, even lacking the cynical humour they seek to provide. It's better just to leave these old shows alone, and let people continue to enjoy them, (perhaps even escape into them) for what they are/were. My eight-year-old son has every Playstation/gadget under the sun, but that doesn't stop him from getting excited every time the latest Bewitched box-set is released! It just goes to show, true quality is timeless!

I loved "Bewitched" as a kid but watching it now frustrates me. I want Sam to kick Darrin's ass! He's so mean! But any episode with Endora and Uncle Arthur are the best episodes.

Oh, and yes, the movie was terrible!

I agree completely with this review. I, too, was horribly disappointed with this movie, having grown up on reruns of Bewitched, a show that I absolutely loved watching. It was a complete waste of talent on the actors' parts. Tho I wouldn't really expect more from Will Farrell, sad to say. The only good movie I've seen him in so far is Stranger Than Fiction. He reminds me of Jim Carrey in his Ace Ventura days. And Nicole, her "blondness" in that movie just made me uncomfortable. A complete affront to the character of Samantha Stephens. Makes me wonder if this screenplay was really written (or edited) by masogynists...

Actually, Serena was listed as Pandora Spocks rather than Pandora Sparks....

As I am watching my daily two-in-a-row reruns of Bewitched I came across this website. Love it. I always knew EM played Serena as well but wondered why the credits named Serena as being played by Pandora Sparks. Why? Just a thought. Just to be playful, I suppose? To keep folks guessing? Anyway, I never missed an episode, with Bewitched premiering on my 8th birthday, September 17, 1964, and going off the air in 1972. I have watched reruns now well into my 50s, and I never ever tire of them. It may be lame compared to more "smarter" sitcoms of this day but...I love going back in time to a simpler place (at least to this 8 year old then) and thinking that someday I, too, could grow up to look as good as Samantha and have a nice home and family (albeit some a bit kooky) as she did. And oh to have her abilities to change others into whatever and to have whatever she wanted. I patterned myself after her so much back in those 8 years on tv that I did not realize until recently how she did so influence my adult behaviors today. Amazing how the past is never really past. Thanks for this wonderful essay on a wonderful show and actress. Too sad she died too soon, in her early 60s, from colon cancer, I believe. Everybody but Tabitha has died from that show, most of the guests included. But it is truly timeless. I will die watching it. I bet. ;o)

I believe it was pandora spocks, not sparks?

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