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June 10, 2005


Great story. But Quaker Oats Republican? And last year -- Carlos Gutierrez, C.E.O. of Kellogg's, was picked to be Bush's head of the Department of Commerce.

What does a good liberal eat for breakfast anymore?

Just FYI on the Coogan Law-
The only money put into a trust is for long-term contracts, because in the 1930's studio system, that was the only way anyone could imagine kids making huge amounts of money. Unless it has changed drastically, commercial money is fair game.
I have personally known kids whose commercial money was used up paying for their father's defense lawyer for killing their mother.
I know something about the law because my mother worked long and hard with the group trying to get the Coogan law to cover all contracts, whatever the length. For this, my mother got telephonic death threats from parents living off their kids commercial money.

Kudos to your mother, Quinn. Many in her position would have drained your bank account for their Botox treatments. I think her activism did have some effect—from what I understood from the studio person, 15% of ALL earnings, regardless of the length of the contract, goes into this blocked trust. Parents can still squander 85% if they so choose, but at least the kids will have something!

Sammy is going to grow up to be something amazing, I can tell already. Comparing him to "The Freshman" is quite a good analogy. (That was Lloyd's highest grossing movie, correct? what does that mean within said analogy?)

That said, I cannot wait to see this commercial.

Speaking of Quaker Oats, have you seen the Quaker granola bar commercials? Unbelievably creepy. I'm hoping this will redeem them for that horrible act of 'advertising'.

Hi Ya.
Grretings from Australia.
Love reading this.
Well done.
Brett :-)

you ramble....shorten it the spots though...

what year did Qoaker Oaks stop printing "Nothing is better for thee than me". on their boxes.

Quaker oats suck.

Mountain Dew and a cigarette is a way better breakfast.

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