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June 02, 2005


Oh, God, I wish WE had craft service outside right now, and we have CONNECTIONS! I LOVE THIS POST! I am laughing out loud! I can't think of a worse Halloween scare than the one that ticket taker gave you, but believe me (speaking as someone a scant month or so your junior), you would need a HALLOWEEN COSTUME to pass as a senior! All I have to say to her is BOO!

Well, Danny, you've got me again - ROFL (my new learned expression) - literally - with heels kicking up towards the ceiling.

What am I doing reading your blog when I should be writing my book ... ?

I am so jealous of you.

I arrived here via a series of blog hops. I love your blog and your writing!

I'm 45 too. Having long since passed the age of getting carded at the grocery store, I live in dread of the first time I'm asked that question... Now you've got me worried that it's going to come much sooner than I expected!

Unlike you, I don't remember the JFK assassination - but I had just turned 4. My mother says I was upset that there were no cartoons on Saturday morning. She tells me that I said there was "nothing on TV but bad news". The day they buried him, my sister was born.

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