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June 05, 2005


I was in grade school in Queens at the time of Watergate and I remember being glued to the set and actually arguing about politics with my classmates. I can't imagine anyone ten years old now talking about politics in school. After the moon landing, Watergate was clearly the biggest news event of my childhood.

In junior high, we did a whole 6 months on Watergate and the "propaganda" of the government. When conservatives complain about liberals in education, I have to laugh, but in reality (at least in the NYC public school system at the time) I don't think I ever had a non-liberal teacher who didn't blaming the Republicans for everything back in the 1970's. If I remember correctly, I think we even had a photo of FDR hanging along with Washington and Lincoln. To be honest, I never even met a Republican until college (and we used to make fun of him).

Of course, things with Reagan and everyone became Republican. My wife was Republican. I used to tell her that I could never vote Republican. "Why?" she asked. Not because of Bush or conservative politics. The real reason is I get this feeling in my gut from thirty years ago -- "don't you remember... they were the ones involved in Watergate!?"

I didn't know there was a Sam Ervin fan club, but we went to Washington and met him, and got his autograph! I still have it.

I'm the same age as Maureen Dean. Watergate was my savior in those deep dark "poor" days of marriage and motherhood. All I had to look forward to was the latest dirt on Watergate. Maureen Dean is a snooty bitch, somebody all of us real people hated. Pretentious doesn't even begin to describe her.


Fact is, Maureen Dean was a hooker (I doubt she was high class) and was running a call girl operation at the time. I knew George Owen, Maureen's first husband and they set up the ring. Some might remember Owen was busted with stripper/porn star Candy Barr in her Dallas apartment the night in 1957 for possession of Marijuana. Owen liked to boast that he knew every pimp, whore, gambler and banker in Dallas. Maureen was one of the whores he knew.

John Dean is her third husband. When they first met he didn't bother telling "Mo" that he was still married to a wife he later divorced and treated like dirt.

Also, interesting you were a member of the Sam Ervin fan club, particularly when you realize Sam was a staunch defender of segregation!

Is the above comment factual?

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