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May 30, 2005


Wow... I start off doing a late-night google image search for "Shirley Temple" (for no apparent reason, even O_o) and your blog came up as a hit. Enter, the next 4 hours of reading straight through a good half of it. You're so much more than intriguing to me, and you write in a way that I wish I could. I guess I just wanted to let you know that your work really struck me. (And happy anniversary!)


Happy Anniversary. Of course you made it through your first year. I have never met two such interesting, generous, loving, intelligent, amusing - no hilarious - wonderful people! Am so, so happy for both of you.

Paper anniversary -- I remember reading just recently about how a copy of Kendall's book fell off a shelf and hit you on the head. Yes, indeed, it seems that paper and all that it can convey, is a major part of your relationship. Many more happy anniversaries to you both!

I looked at that invitation and thought, "Wait... is that Danny?! And Kendall?!" Then I knew I'd been had, the way your other friends were.

Mazal Tov!

What a great post that was, my darling. Now we've made it a year and a day and I wouldn't trade a second! But I think we'll still have to mature a few more years before we ever try to plan to renew our vows! Do you remember the fight that started about the order of the walk down the aisle and ended by us delaying the wedding for six months???? Oy! But hard as it was to plan it was such a great wedding! And it's turning out to be an even better marriage!!!! I'm sure you'll want to lunge at my throat before the month's out (And I actually will lunge at yours!), but this was a happy anniversary. I love you. Your Wife

You guys are too cute! Congratulations! Love's persistence in bringing you and holding you together is an inspiration.

I spent your anniversary going to cousin Howard's shiva and catching Maggie in 3 separate Memorial Day parades (she's in the Lane Tech drum and bugle corps.)Perchance, I was listening to a tape of a 40s Burns and Allen radio show this week, where Gracie delivered the line as only she could that's it's called the paper anniversary b/c hubbies spend the rest of their marriages reading the paper.

P.S: The story @ being hit in the head by Kendall's book even got a rise out of Anita---and that's a tough audience.
Mazel tov! Mazel tov!

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