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May 28, 2005



Thanks for this wonderful post. I love how you describe the peculiar constellation of personalities that is the classroom. You photos capture it, too. This is a difficult time of year for manys kids and teachers alike. It's strange: all year long you try to build attachment, community, and trust, only to tell the kids in June that it's time to move on. I think I'm having as hard a time as many of my students this year.

How interesting to see all these projects. As you say, these are dilemmas for teachers: how to guide students without dampening their creativity, how to be honest with them about the world without pulling them down too far into the depressing or dark parts of life. (How do I address the subject of slavery with my second graders, for example?) I agree that the best course is to present the fullest, most honest picture you can, but always at a level where children can understand.

That film sounds great, too... I'm going to go see it!

I liked your post so much, I think I'll write about it on my own blog!

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