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May 20, 2005


That's it! Me too - am also a geek!

These lines in this review got to me: "Yoda, deeply concerned about what was happening to Jedi Knight Skywalker, gravely states, 'The fear of loss is a path to the Dark Side.' Oy. I'm doomed."

Danny - brilliant review! I was applauding, laughing, and dying to get to the movie all the way through this!I adore these movies and will probably get to it this weekend. Hey! Isn't that the movie house I went to with you and Kendall to see "The Forgotten" with Julianne Moore? And we sat in the front seats enveloped by movie-ness?

"Memo to Christensen's agent-hurry up and get your boy cast in a series of low-budget independent features where he can show us what he can do without the weight of the galaxy on his shoulders!" I so agree. I absolutely adored him in "My Life as a House" - cried all the way through that movie so much so that Gilad bought it for me for my birthday.

AND I agree about Natalie Portman. Can't wait to see the movie and to have all your comments whirling around in my head as I do so!

I think I was there with you for the first opening of the first movie at the Esquire-was it a midnight show on a hot, summer night?

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