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May 07, 2005


Danny, thanks for my early morning fix. Loved this post because I am a fan of the film, too. Anne Bancroft is my touchstone. I agree she was absolutely perfect in the film and completely believable. Her beauty, smoky voice, flippancy -- all drew me in. I also love the last scene, which thanks to you, I learn was accidental. But to me, it was perfect: where do we go from here? Not unlike the fears of all young married couples. I gave Benjamin and Elaine two years tops. They're likely on to their third marriages by now.

Thanks for the great insights into this film! I'm very ashamed to say that I've never seen it... Although I'm really interested to see it now. Thanks!

Danny, this is SO damn interesting.

I have read it about five times now and enjoy it each time for the way it is written, and information it provides on this old beloved film.

Although the first names of the adult actors in the film "The Graduate" are never revealed, does anyone know the first name of Mrs. Robinson?

Mrs. Robinson's first name was....Glenda.

At one point, Mike Nichols was prepared to make a sequel to The Graduate. Everyone had been contacted and I believe everyone was interested. Even a script had been written.
However, at the last minute, Mike decided it would be best just to leave things as they are.

According to Entertainment Weekly #882, a sequel to The Graduate novel has been announced. It says, "we'll finally find out what happened to the baby boomers. I wonder if they held on to their youthful ideals."
Be interesting to see what Charles Webb does with Mrs. Robinson. Where would she be today?

yes,well this isn't 1967 it's 2006.and now we know that the affair WITH ELAINE MEANT NOTHING TO HIM EITHER.

another comment:actually,it's's only 4 days into the new year and i'm having difficulty remembering it.anyway,that makes the graduate 40 years old.i cant remember it,but dustin hoffman made a lovely himbo.i love where on this page the writer says that benjamin is afraid of being used as a "thing,"and no one shows any consideration for his personal needs.this is the kind of thing that society expects females to endure as the norm. anyway it's now 2007,and we now know that benjamin's affair with ELAINE MEANT NOTHING TO HIM EITHER.that's because we now know that no one AUTOMATICLY CARES FOR YOU JUST BECAUSE YOU'RE YOUNG AND PRETTY.LOOK WHAT HAPPENED TO LACEY PETERSON AND NATALIE HOLLOWAY.

Are Simon and Garfunkel Messianic Jews for Jesus?

I found it interesting to learn, many years after having seen it, the close proximity in age between Anne Bancroft and Dustin Hoffman.
He had just turned 30, and she was 36.

What great performances.

I'm just discovering your blog, you're a very talented and entertaining writer.

Mrs. Robinson's first name was Judith.
It's in the script for the orininal broadway play.


Thank you for sharing this information. The information was very helpful and saved a lot of my time.

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