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May 24, 2005



I love the clock motif you added with this post, and how clearly you recall and portray these decision points. THANK YOU!


Bravo: as usual, not only is your list more entertaining, your graphics are better! And to think I had the temerity to post another list before reading yours. Oy!

Also: a great post about your Mom, and your realizations and epiphanies surrounding her passing. She's very alive to all of us who read you.

Danny, I'm knocked over by this post, and as usual the illustrations -- so perfectly chosen in this case -- enhance it. How lucky you are to have had these moments and to remember and recognize them at this point. All of them involve psychic pain, but I'm sure it's a pain that in retrospect you welcome. And one of the things that comes across most clearly is your instinct for grasping, maximizing, the opportunity for self-renewal at those moments of crisis. Thank you.

Just discovered your blog via Tamar and am glad to be here. Wonderful post on critical moments. This could start a trend among us bloggers - I'm tempted to begin listing (and illustrating) my own CM's.
Anyway, Danny/Andy, come and visit. I'm an alter ego too.

Very moving and powerful list - you describe these moments brilliantly.

Very enjoyable post. I really liked this observation:

"Some worry that posting such lists is the height of narcissism and to that I say, of course it is, but bring it on! I now revel in the unavoidable narcissism of writing in a blog and I’m over my phobia that because my blog is more “personal” I am somehow committing a greater sin in this area."

You perfectly put into words what I've been feeling. My husband has kept his blog very issues-oriented and non-personal, but I've chosen to make mine more revealing and a bit more intimate about who I am as well as dealing with issues, news articles, etc. I enjoy writing it more that way.


Your limpid honesty puts us all to shame, and sets a high standard to which we can only aspire. It has probably lifted the quality of blogging in this pod the fraction of a notch of which we're each capable.

Danny, I think this will inspire me to post a twin list on my site. Perhaps even today!

Visiting here via Blaugustine. Terrific post! I like the way Moment #3 acts as a kind of fulcrum for the whole series, in part because it is so unlike the others. I also love the way you achieved that moment of realization in #1, through a kind of self-nausea. I think I had some very similar moments around that same age.

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