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April 30, 2005


Danny, I am also reading Jane Fonda's book and am impressed by her writing as well as her candor and regrets.

Your post is poignant, however, because of your connection with regret and guilt in your mother's case. I find that just holding still and feeling the emotions helps me understand them, forgive myself (the other) and then move on. Easier said than done, of course. The holding still part can be excruciating even interminable, at times. But then, as it passes, I feel clearer and have the space to forgive.

How can we ever know the exact right way to react in such deep emotional situations? Mostly we do the best we can with what we have and know at the time. But I agree, the trick of it all is acknowledging regret, making peace with it and not hanging on to the guilt that often accompanies those feelings.

Tricky, very tricky.

Beautiful post.

No one ties threads together better than you do.

I mean, no one I know. Sweeping generalizations are a weakness of mine.

I continue to be amazed and enchanted every time I read your blog- which I do daily, along with those of my other family members-
Your sister Martha

Danny, check out my post today - "sort of" invitation to you, if you want.


Thank you for sharing from your heart.
I was moved that you were able to share something so personal with so many.

That last paragraph slayed me.
Wow, you are good.

  • Thought you might enjoy this excerpt from a recent blog, with a link to you. FYI: .... Danger is again cited (26a) as the rationale for two halakhic requirements about the ritual shabbos lighting. As recited in the Friday eve liturgy, mShab ch.2 forbids the use of white naphtha (נפט) as the fuel for the lamp. In a baraita, the rabbis also forbid using balsam (צרי). Why? Because naphtha and balsam “fly” (עף), which presumably means they too easily cause a fire.  387pxmonsterinlaw_poster(The Talmud underscores the danger by relating the story of a Wicked Mother-in-Law (played by Jane Fonda?) who gets her daughter-in-law (J Lo) killed by coaxing the tractable girl to anoint herself with balsam. Nu, so should we boycott Jane Fonda?) 

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