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April 14, 2005


I feel grateful for the gifts of the blog today too, Danny. It has been so exciting to see how the Gottliebs and you are connecting all over the country in all sorts of ways. What fun to be included in such a supportive family! It is amazing to me, how much the blog is connecting me with people from 20 or 30 years ago. Not only have we written to each other but meeting again has been mind blasting - just to see how we have stayed the same in some sense but on the other hand changed so much. The blog, too, is helpful to me as I continue the search for how I became me and what choices I'll make for the future. Not only because I am able to write about it, but especially because of the feedback and support I receive from so many new blogger "friends." It has created almost a new definition for the word, "friend," I think. Richard Cohen does a great job talking about changes in linguistics at his site today.

Not only am I grateful for the blog today - but I am grateful to you, Danny, for encouraging me to start one of my own.

How priceless that Leah is able to express all her and your excitement at meeting a new piece of her Dad's blogger family! I can only imagine all the energy last night.

Hmm ... is that envy I sense that I couldn't be there too?


thanks again for dinner! nate and i had such a great time, and it was so lovely meeting your family and being in your incredible house. i am still sort of light-headed from the experience of your house, it was so magical!

check out the link to kidsave on my blog, if you guys want more information...

keep us posted about leah's play... we'd love to come! :)


David's brother Alan (Ally to the family, of which I gather you're part) here. I don't know Leah's age, but she sounds a lot like my daughter Marian in her pre-teen years. Marian, as an only child, thrived on the company of adults, especially those she didn't know but instinctively liked on first meeting. She'd get increasingly wired, and would let her edgy and caustic humor hang out. We rarely told her to cool it, unless(until) she turned her knife-edge wit on me and started slicing me to ribbons in an unseemly manner. The guests usually loved her precociousness, but I occasionally found it necessary to remind her she was a child and I was her father.

Enjoy these days while you have them. Now 15, Marian wants nothing more than to avoid adult gatherings, or more than brief moments in our company. She wants to be with her peers, and finds gatherings of adults, even those she knows well and likes, to be unbearably booorrrrrring.

My darling, I would never judge Leah's outgoing behavior!!! I love that she asks questions, shares anecdotes and also really listens. It is only my dream to teach her the art of waiting for the pause in conversation or the well-placed "Excuse me" instead of just starting up in the middle of someone else's anecdotes. Though, granted, getting a word in edgewise (especially politely introduced) is a hard trick to master in our usually overlapping conversation! I also have my own baggage when it comes to manners -- but this ain't my blog -- so I'll just say that I felt I had to learn a lot of manners the hard way outside the family home after I'd left my manner-free childhood and so I do tend to emphasize the easy niceties that can ease one's way in the world. (God, I sound like a Victorian, but I'm reading a great book about the Victorians now, I think it's infected me!!!)


It's amazing my brother Alan said that. I told Sara and Nate that Leah reminded me so much of Alan's daughter Marian at that age. Marian, like Leah, is an extremely intelligent only child, with two extremely intelligent parents.

Marian has had a fine time the last couple of years torturing her parents. But you can tell (or at least I can) that it's part of her growing process, and you can also see the bright, passionate person under the affected layers of cool, indifference and animosity toward the Parental Unit.

Leah is dynamite. Don't worry about a thing. Just stay in touch with Alan. He's got the Dos and Don'ts of parenting the teen only child all figured out. Right, Al?

Danny, Your blog in Julie's memory is my first experience with posting anything. And I ditto your apprecaition of new relationshipd forming through Julie's memory and your efforts. It is really bittersweet. It is great to get to know you and your educational ideas. I look forward to more conversations through the blog, email and phone......

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