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April 03, 2005


You never cease to amaze me. How one can seamlessly combine the performing arts, family history and dynamics, kleptomania and menswear in one post?

And I'm NOT just flattering you so you'll pick me up at the airport.

Don't be so modest! You're the one guy in that picture whose suit hangs perfectly. Ah, yout, as we say in Chicago. Thanks for the memories.

Ah, New York, New York -- the capitol of the world. It's a great city, especially if you're originally from a village on a lake, where a skyscraper is anything over two stories.

I wanted to mention that there's an upcoming show on PBS called "Character Studies" that I think you might enjoy. It's kind of like A&E's Biography, but for fictional characters from Broadway shows. We interviewed numerous actors and actresses that played the role in question, the playwrights if they were still alive, and some critics and writers and such. (I say 'we' because I was an associate producer on the show for a while.) I'm not entirely sure when it's going to air, or if it'll even air in your neck of the woods, but you can check it out at It seems to be up your alley.

Danny, I adore the "name dropping" in this post. Because the fact is you really do hob nob with them all!

I've only ever "bumped into" (literally)Bruce Springstein and Angelina Jolie, or was it Helena Bonham Carter? in the streets of Chicago and NYC in all of my life.

I love David's description of this posting too.


That's so cool that you sort of got to meet Liza Minelli. I loved her in Cabaret and Arthur.
Your story about the vase made me laugh. I can only imagine how awkward that made you feel!

Leave it to internet search to help you find something you didn't even know you had been looking to find.

AS my mother used to say when reading the obituary of a celebrity who had died: "Really? He died. I never even knew he had ever lived."

It all started innocently enough trying to figure out the year a specific photo of a landmark in The Bronx had been taken and there you go, ending up at Jew Eat Yet.

Delightful stories and engaging writing style. I can never get enough of the use of the word "macher"

Very nice blog.
I love this post.
("Donald Hollinger." : )

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