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April 07, 2005


I am sorry but I simply cannot stop laughing at the notion of Anne Boleyn as a "maternal figure." Priceless!

Well, to be fair, Danny, Queen Elizabeth did attend the religious ceremony. One of the reasons she didn't attend the civic ceremony was that it would have thrown the ceremony into a whole different sphere, requiring a whole different level of security.

And while I agree with you about the silliness of the matter of divorce, especially in the C of E, that did serve the world in good stead once: when Edward Windsor had to abdicate. Not sure if it was that Wallis was a divorcee, or an AMERICAN divorcee (horrors!), but it did spare the world dealing with a British monarch who was likely a Fascist, and possibly a Nazi, certainly a sympathizer.

All that said -- I thought Camilla looked wonderful on Saturday!

Yes, I did see the Queen doing the best she could to smile at the other part of the wedding celebration—I'll give her that. And it was nice to see William and Harry looking happy for their dad (I wonder if they felt any pangs of disloyalty to Diana who certainly loathed Camilla). You're right about the world being saved from King Edward and Queen Wallis—if that had happened the Brits might be speaking German today. And I agree that Camilla looked great on Saturday—except for that Thanksgiving wheat motif she was wearing on her head...

I have always had a great deal of affection for Anne Boleyn as well.

I think that if Charles and Camilla had re-kindled their relationship after Diana's death, people would be more accepting. But even though they were in love 30+ years ago, they chose to marry other people and to NOT honour their wedding vows for the next 30 years. (It doesn't help that the people loved Diana so much, but I don't think it's entirely her looks that make her a target.)

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