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April 05, 2005


You are so right. We must get the stories down. I'm crying. And not because I fell flat on my face today and walked into a pole tonight....but because of your beautiful post. I really miss Bub too.

This is, indeed, a beautiful post. I was thinking about your grandmother's courage and strength for going back to school. We take that for granted today. I returned to college at age 39 to do all three degrees and I felt like a pioneer treading on magical, almost forbidden turf. What fantastic courage it took for your grandmother - your "bub."

So interesting to read about those athletic women and their return to Vienna. I will definitely look out for that movie.

Just as an aside - Gilad's father's family name is Bub. So I was Tamar Bub for awhile until we changed it to a Hebrew name (Barkan) for Gilad when we were in Israel. Not quite the same or as relevant as your darling "bub" - just associative, I guess.

What a blessing for your ADD-addled uncle to have a nephew such as you with your repository of memories and photographs. The least I could do was to e-mail Howard Schutz to turn him on to your blog and to ask him to help you (and us) with Schutz memories.
I'm doing my best to be your flak---after getting a Purim e-mail greeting from Asher K., I passed on to another member of that side of the family info on your blog.
P.S.: Glad you're spelling Staszow right these days.
P.S.S.: Hi, mom! Your grandson is something else!


Wow. Another one from, and for, the National Danny Miller Archives. The Smithsonian needs a new wing.

My mom quit college to marry my dad (she was 18, he was 24). When I was in, I think, 3rd grade, she went back to school. She got her undergrad from Mundelein College. She shlepped out there from Hyde Park every week, because Mundelein was one of the first places that started offering classes geared to adults who wanted to complete degrees.

Mom got her PhD in English literature the day after I got my high school diploma. I still haven't caught up with her.

Long may the Bubs wave!

There go "Bubs" again and I think of all of Gilad's extended family. And to think that I was one of those "Bubs" once. I wonder if I will ever be a "bub" in the sense you all mean? I guess that depends on Gilad (Bub) Barkan. Although I am a step-"bub" (even as we speak).

In the late 1800's and early 1900's, lots of Russian Jewish families (such as my own grandparents) settled in Newport, Ky. The last Shul closed in 1965 when I was 12. It stood at the corner of 5th and Saratoga. I still have a prayer book from there. When did your grandmother's mishpocheh move from Newport? Did her family live on Monmouth St., York Street or...? What kind of business were they in? Newport wasn't and isn't in the county. It's part of Greater Cincinnati and always has been. Check out and you'll see what I mean. Oh yes, finding your site was pure accidental and I actually went to a Newport/Covington, KY. Jewish family Reunion. Good Pasach!

My Jewish family lived in Newport in the 1890's and no records exist as to how they got there. I suspect that some of them are from the same town in Russia. Can we pool our information about Newport jews. I have the census records and give you the name of every russian, polish, german, or austrian person who lived there then

I stumbled on your blog this morning as I was looking for information on the Covenant Club in Chicago, particularly the recipe for their creamed spinach.

My Mother used to have a typed written copy of the recipe from the club, which she made every Thanksgiving for years. No one knows what happened to the card, and my mother who is 80 years old, can not remember exactly what she did to make the recipe.

The spinach was so good, that from about the age of four, I was the only child I knew that preferred to eat the vegetable to the turkey on Thanksgiving day!

I am so glad to have found someone else who has fond memories attached to the recipe. Your Grandmother sounds like an amazing woman. Thank you for your fantastic blog and for sharing her with the rest of us.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Although my family has no Jewish tradition, we are descended from Dillion Asher, who is famous in our region of Kentucky. He was part of the Sizemore family descended from George All Sizemore, who was descended from the earliest European/Indian people who rapidly populated Kentucky.

We are certain of Dillion Asher's Jewish heritage, but as far as I have been able to ascertain, we only know that he was perhaps of Russian/Polish origin.

If anyone who might read this has information that could help piece together a picture of our Jewish heritage, we would be appreciative. Also, if anyone has questions about their possible connection to our family, I would be happy to try to help.

The interesting thing is my "want-ta-be longing for a Jewish connection for years before learning of our family's actual lineage. It makes me believe in "Genetic Memory".

Myra Sizemore

I found your blog because I was searching for information on the Temples in Newport Kentucky from the 1800's to mid 1900's. My Jewish family came from Baden Germany (Maier) and I wanted to find out more about the Synagogues back then. The American Israelite had an article some time ago about Lion figures from those Temples that are the oldest in the world -- If I am quoting correctly -- BUt I was trying to find information some how on the net about the Jewish population of that day in Newport Ky..Do you have any information about any of this? Do you know which Temple the member information was transfered to when these Temples closed?

Best regards,

Dillion's family came from Scotland. More on him can be found at I am realated to him as well and the Sizemores. Take care.

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