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April 10, 2005


Danny, I wouldn't feel too bad about not spending your every waking moment trying to make everyone else's problems your own problems. It would be a great world if everyone's family had that luxury (and inherent altruism), but most of us have to live with families where making the world a better place means making sure that you're eating. I guess the *ideal* American Dream is to be like the Shrivers/Kennedys -- work hard, make money, and give back. That kind of attitude is something to be looked up to, and I guess we can use it to do our own part, in whatever little ways we can.

I can't wait until I make it...

The Shrivers were so rich that all their needs, every one of them, were met. When a baby is born their life is already set for them unless they screw up in a big way (Noelle Bush?). I would guess in a family like this there is nothing to do. Landing a great job is no achievement; your father knows everybody and your uncles are all in the Congress. So they discuss changing the world? They have to. Like the man said in The Shawshank Redemption: In prison, a man will do anything to keep his mind occupied.

Eww-of course jews say ketchup.

And furthermore, does anyone say catsup, anywhere, ever?

Sad that I know this, but there are a bunch of websites (and blogs) that have taken up the ketchup vs. catsup debate. Below is a blurb from a site called "Culinary Sleuth" that looks reputable. My apologies to the Shriver family who probably never had a bottle of ketchup OR catsup on their table!


When Heinz introduced commercial ketchup to American kitchens it became so popular that other manufacturers rushed to catch-up to the ketchup craze. Soon there were Ketchup, Catsup, Catchup, Katsup, Catsip, Cotsup, Kotchup, Kitsip, Catsoup, Katshoup, Katsock, Cackchop, Cornchop, Cotpock, Kotpock, Kutpuck, Kutchpuck and Cutchpuck. All were tomato based and bottled and vied to become a household word. Only 3 major brands remained to steal the spotlight...Heinz Ketchup, Del Monte Catsup, and Hunts, who could not decide on a spelling and bottled under the names Hunts Catsup (east of the Mississippi), Hunts Ketchup (west of the Mississippi), and Hunts Tomato Cornchops (in Iowa only). In the 1980's ketchup was declared a vegetable by the government for school lunch menus. Suddenly Del Monte's Catsup, because of its spelling, was not on the approved list. Shortly afterward Del Monte changed the product's name to Del Monte Ketchup. So ketchup it is.


P.S. It all started with "Ke-tsiap," a spicy  pickled-fish condiment popular in 17th-century China. Tomatoes didn't get in there until the 1700s when all traces of fish were mercifully removed. Oy, I need to disable my Internet connection.

By the way, in defense of the Shrivers, I know lots of super rich families that find PLENTY of things to do other than saving the world! I agree that having your monetary needs met can provide options that some others may not have but I sure give the Shrivers and Kennedys lots of credit for their commitment to public service and the good that they've done when they could have just been focused on acquiring more money and "stuff" for themselves. Can you imagine how many lives have been changed because of organizations like the Peace Corps, Head Start, and the Special Olympics?

Yes, I think you are right about that. I saw a similar interview by the way and was extremely impressed with that family and how they care about the world. I watched it the day before I went for a job interview myself. Maria Shriver told how her father always told her: "Just remember, when you walk into a room, people there are lucky to have you." It made a big impression on me. When I feel out of confidence before an interview or presentation I think about those words.

By the way, I did extremely well at the job interview the next day (got the job!) and I think it was hearing and feeling Maria's father's words that made the difference for me.

So, they've helped me too!

I didn't mean that remark about saving the world to be an insult. The Kennedys have already acquired all the "stuff." I've seen interviews with Maria too and it seems to me that their family was focused on education and building the children's character. The commitment to public service probably flowed from that.

Hey I always wonder what it would be like being one of Sargent and Eunice's Children They are both my rolemodels

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