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March 21, 2005


Almost coming full circle, here, Danny. I got onto this blogging thing via not just your blog, which cites Wil Wheaton's, but also via my author, Troy Rutter's blog, which is cited _by_ Wil Wheaton. And Troy, of course, wrote Kids in the Biz, with a Foreword by that survivor of a child actor career, Paul Petersen. Six degrees of Danny Miller!

I'd ask why you couldn't find a picture of me with my mouth closed, but I don't believe that I have ever stopped talking long enough for that to happen.
Thanks for your kind words. Leah, you have fabulous taste in parents and step-parents.

I didn't know Buffy died.

I know its quite difficult for those kiddies to let go of their loved things, my baby could also not resist its MOBY WRAP even after it grew up and I had to use it for quite some time !

Check out Gigi Perreau's Eve Curie in Madame Curie with Greer Garson. She's so good!!! She

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