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March 09, 2005


As always, enjoyed this morning's DM-blog fix. Can't wait to sing the ditty for Susie.

Love The Carpenters -- whenever one of their songs is on the radio, I've got to listen.

Danny, I agree with you. Childhood is a very difficult time indeed. We all talk about it as if it's bubbles, balloons and care-bears! When in fact it is fraught with anxiety and frustration. Children never feel they have control of their lives and, in fact, they don't! We line them us tell them when they can pee, eat, what to wear, how to wear it - we divorce, die, move them from town to town - never asking their permission and usually telling them after the fact. There are always bigger, brighter more seemingly competent people to live up to. And most adults fear children and don't know how or what to do with them. Which can make life very lonely indeed.

Childhood sucks for many children.

I remember when I was younger, I referred to something as 'sucking' in the presence of my mother. At the time, she got really angry on account of her hatred of the phrase, but years later I hear her saying it all the time. Which would be nice, I suppose, if it didn't mean that things sucked.

Anyway, have you seen the banned Karen Carpenter movie? The one that was acted out with Barbie dolls? I forget who directed it, but it was mighty interesting.

I did see that! It was the film that got Todd Haynes (Velvet Goldmine, Far from Heaven) started and I guess Richard Carpenter sued him over the song rights.

I think the word "sucks" has lost some of its bite over the years. I never would have gotten away with that in front of my parents either. Now one of my daughter's favorite songs is "It Sucks to Be Me" from "Avenue Q."

(Hey... who is that other guy named David?!!)

Once again, my lost Chicago twin hits the nail on the head. I had this kind of subdued fascination with the Carpenters. They were so schmaltzy, you couldn't dare admit that you liked the languid feeling that came over you when you heard Karen Carpenter's voice. It was kind of like Spring Fever, the way you just wanted to put your head in a beautiful woman's lap and look up and see new leaves...

Then she has to go and die of anorexia. Oy. The woman who had everything couldn't get enough nourishment. I also remember that the Carpenters were known as some of the most mean-spirited musicians around. Always used to hear anecdotes about how vicious they were to fans who approached them. Did you remember hearing that?

NO, NO, NO, I never heard this, say it ain't so! On the other hand, Karen clearly had big emotional problems even at the height of her success. And seeing what my brother-in-law has to put up with at his after-show "meet and greets," I don't know how any rock star can bear dealing with the scary public who wants a piece of you. (Aren't we lucky that no one is interested in writers?)

Are there a lot of writers here?

And I know I'm lucky that absolutely no one is interested in poor, un-famous, writer wannabes. :)

Danny, this is great. Suck, dosen't suck. Definatly kid speak! Now you got me hooked on all your stuff. Glad to meet you, too bad it wasn't under better circumstances....
Eve in O.C.

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