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March 31, 2005


Ok,I'm now officially jealous! HGTV -- sigh. You will let us know when the episode airs? I know you'll come off a lot less obnoxious than so many of the folks on the "this is our house and this is our bank account, and this is the new sauna we put in place of the butler's pantry..." shows.

Don't worry, Lisa—if I attempted a "this is my bank account" comment it would belong more on the Sci-Fi Network than HGTV. And any homeowner who replaces a butler's pantry with a sauna should be horsewhipped and forced to clean their parquet floors with a toothbrush and their own spit.

Our episode is scheduled to air in September. I'll let you know!

Cleaning parquet floors with a toothbrush and spit? That sounds like Martha Stewart territory. Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Keep up the good work Chief! See... you never know who's reading hahahah.
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