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March 16, 2005


Danny, your collection of memorabilia always amazes me. A postcard from cool is that?! A peach of a post, as always.

What a tale of woe and illusion! Thank goodness for all these characters in your life, Danny. This is a beautiful story. I always "adopted" different families in my life - Jan's family, Inge Wallerstein, and others too. Many little children threaten their parents to run away and find a family that *really* loves them. But thanks to these wonderful blog posts, I get to understand why you go to so many movies and sit right up front - almost inside them.

I was a little backwards as a boy; instead of different parents, I wanted no parents. And it wasn't quite as if I wanted to be miraculously fully autonomous or anything, it was that I wanted to be orphaned. That sounds kind of hideous, but the truth of the matter is that I wanted to be Batman. (For the record, I never hoped my parents were dead, just that they'd go away so I'd have a good reason to dedicate my life to fighting crime.) And what kid doesn't want to be Batman? I guess most kids think they could become a superhero without being an orphan, but I was probably a little overly concerned with having legitimate motivation for it. Perhaps I was worried that I'd lose superhero street cred or something if my origin story sucked.

Man, I was weird.

Sent my daughters -- Willy Wonka fans -- your link with the suggestion, "Another wonderful Danny Miller blog."
Really enjoyed the descriptions of various marriages and divorces. Was happy to read that your parents still had loving feelings for each other. Thanks again, Danny.

Danny -- no special reason to put this comment here, but I read Jacques David's post and your comment (about the mixer and DNA test) and told him about you being the "lost Gottlieb.' Jacques sometimes seems to be a bit out of it, but he retorted without hesitation, "How do you know you're not all lost Millers?"

David is reclining on the bed beside me watching "Rocky III" with Jacques. When he walked in I said, "At last, I don't have to hug you with my blog!" And he said, "Gimme a blug!"

Whoa -- flashback. I devoured Dahl's books in my pre-teen years -- "Danny" and "James" were perennial favorites up to the age of about 14 -- but I'm somewhat stunned to realize how little of them I remember now (at age 38).

Maybe it's time to re-read them again.

Hi Danny!

I love the way you write!

I had just finished watching seasons 1&2 of Roald Dahl's Tales of the Unexpected, and I was intrigued by the bio on the special features. I decided to look up more info on the man, and I found you!

I, too, am a Dahl fan, and found his Tales of the Unexpected several years ago. Then I noticed that some of his stories had been dramatized on Alfred Hitchcock Presents, and that's when I began looking for more. I'm enjoying collecting the DVDs, one season at a time, and I love watching the old greats such as Sir John Gielgud, Dame Wendy Hiller, Julie Harris, and Joseph Cotten. The Cast Filmographies reassure me that many of the actors in the series are still active today.

I've sent your site to a couple of friends! I'm going to devour it!


How could I have not seen this entry before? I am probably one of the biggest Roald Dahl fans I know (and I ain't sayin' that to brag). "Charlie & the Chocolate Factory" is my favorite movie of last year...I saw it 5 times in the theatre (never have I done that before.) So many people complained about how dark the movie was...but it's truly the way Dahl intended it. From a young age, I realized just how dark his stories were. Brilliant stuff, it is. Of course I'm so envious that you actually got a letter from him! I was definitely born a few decades to late to interact with the cultural figures who matter so much to me. *sigh*

Danny, I live in Scotland - I too grew up with (in??) Willie Wonka's chocolate factory! I still see the rivers of flowing chocolate and huge striped candy lollipops like trees. Aah, did someone mention escapism? My friends and I used to sing the song above while out- fantasisisng each other about whether the chocolate was deep enough to completey submerge in and how you would eat the trees (and whether they'd grow back?)! LoL!!! Maybe this is why we become grumpy grown ups? We forget to 'escape' every now and again. Oh, yeah, I always wanted to go to boarding school as a kid .... No parents ..... LoL!!!

My sincerest condolence for your Mom's passing. I remember her performance of the "Homecoming". I wondered why they didn't keep Ms. Neal. Following her career, since 'Hud', personally believing, never again, such a cast could be brought together. I understood, after learning how grueling a weekly TV show could be. Surely, Mom just wouldn't have been able. She did indeed cast the character. As we see a celebrity in our mind, what could be better said, the vision of 'Alma' in Hud. That, I'll see, as your Mom, when I think of her.

For this reason, there, could and should never be remakes of 'Hud' and a few others. Recasting the talent that movie gave us, of the players, impossible.

My prayers for you and your siblings, at her passing. Fame and Celebrity with Struggle and strife. At 62, It's ALL Life.

What a wondeful story. I will also choose to believe that "Danny the Champion of the World" was inspired by your letter.

I love this story and I wish you would start writing in your blog again! xo

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