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March 10, 2005


Danny, really enjoyed this morning's post as I was a Press Aide to Mayor Jane Byrne. I remember well the day she moved into Cabrini Green -- it was a surprise to her Press Office (perhaps not to the chief). That time in City Hall was one of the most exciting in my career. Quite a rush accompanying the Mayor to ground-breakings, etc. She had a real love-hate relationship with the press. Ultimately, my short stature made me ill-prepared for handling our aggressive City Hall reporters, and because I could not fend them off, my outings with her grew fewer and fewer. Thanks for helping me recall those days.

Oh right, Elaine, I forgot about your Jane Byrne connection! I haven't heard anything about Jane Byrne in ages, whatever happened to her? I know that Bilandic and Washington are dead, being mayor of Chicago seems like a lethal profession unless you are a Daley!

Everyone should check out Elaine's great essay called "Standing Tall" that talks about her time with Jane Byrne.

All I want to say is how much I am digging your blog. I mean, there's lots of them out there in the blogosphere and to come across one so dadblamed sincere and searching, about the THINGS in the world, is a rare thing. My boyfriend sent me the link to your comments at Wil Wheaton on Wilco and that's how I found this, happy I did.

If you add the 1.5 million Angelino eligible voters who are not registered with the 1.5 million registered voters then your voter turnout drops to about 16 percent. This is shameful!

Danny, I'm in awe of you! You bring new meaning to
living "an examined life"! I've never known anyone
who lived his own life so fully and consciously and
still was able to escape so completely into imagined
lives. I don't know how you manage to write such
full and fascinating blog essays every day, work as
hard as you do and still see every interesting movie
and play in town -- and even read books for pleasure.
And still have time for dinner with your mother-in-law
and her friends (who are among your biggest fans).

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