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February 05, 2005


Dear Danny,
Thank you for such a hysterical piece, and as one who has not had a good night sleep since Morgan's arrival I can truly sympathise, however I do have one question - how can you write about not sleeping and not mention the A word? Or am I the only one that believe that, besides the challenges of sleeping near/within the vicinity of a baby/toddler, it is the encroachment of age and its multiple horrors that is causing this sleeplessness ~ or are you that much younger then me??

Oy, good point, Toni. And I'm thinking of having another child at my advanced age? Am I INSANE??

You are not insane...lack of sleep makes us a teeny bit neurotic, wouldn't you say?

(Note that I say "us"!)

But, for me dawn is the best hour of the day - I wouldn't miss it for the world! My favorite line in Kate Wolf's song The Great Divide is:

"The finest hour that I have seen,
is the one that comes between,
the edge of night,
and the break of day,
that's when the darkness rolls away."

Danny, I simply call it being a morning person, my dear. And let everyone else "worry" about it. For me, it's probably left-over from Yankee/Canadian bloodstock. Enjoy it, be proud! Dwelling as I do with sundry science fiction witer types, I am in the minority, but, hey, the early bird gets the better pastries, yes?

Danny, what does it mean if as I grab my coffee and sit down to read today's blog entry the Golden Girls comes on the Lifetime Network with an episode about Blanche's sleep deprivation.

But I digress. My most powerful memory of our shared youth as it relates to sleeping is when I caught Mom changing the only clock in the apartmnt other than her and Dad's alarm clock. Do you remember the clock in he face of half a teapot that was in a special shelf about 2 feet below the ceiling on the wall in the kitchen?

She advanced the clock an hour to get us into bed earlier. I was suspicious, but checked the clock and agreed to go to bed. The jig was up for her when I heard the Dobie Gillis ( a show on before our bed time) theme song coming from Mom and Dad's bedrom.

Needless to say I tortured her with this story for the rest of her life!

I love your blog, Danny, however I fear I sound like the most unempathetic therapist on earth. Please note all sleeping suggestios were delivered with deep compassion and unconditional positive regard, etc, etc... Best, Brooke
P.S. Dawn is overated! You could try valium!

Danny, as another early morning riser (4 a.m. is typical, 5 would be a mechaye), I must submit the downside of our predawn awakenings: we make lousy evening companions.

Çurrently, my head starts bobbing at 8:00 p.m., and photographs taken of me at weddings and bar mitzvahs, show me elbow on table, head in hand, eyes closed.

At Roosevelt High School in the 1950s, I was a poor date. I can remember Jay Andres on WGN Radio. It was his “Music ‘til Dawn,” which lulled me into dreamland. If the adolescent at the wheel had any romantic plans, they were quickly doused at the sight of his dozing date.

Love, Elaine

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