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February 04, 2005


Danny, you are TOO much. And I mean that as a VERY GOOD thing. I identify with so much of what you are saying. At this point I am still quite frozen. There is so much more I could be saying on my blog. My "inner" voices are also some valid external ones. I have to get past the "well - so what if that person thinks that" especially where it relates to my nemesis! There are many of us out here reading your blog. You make me laugh and cry. You make me think. You make me feel supported and part of a wonderful cyber family(and you probably know by now how much I adore to adopt other families as my own).

More than all of that you give me courage to express myself more and more - the opposite of what I am used to, which is more along the lines of: "Sit down, do it my way and shut up!"

And, yes, of course we have different aspects of ourselves that show more prominently in different places. That's the beauty, the magic, the complexity and wonder of it all! As I said to David: Onwards and upwards to us all!

Danny, I'm not saying this because I'm currently on your blog page, but your site is on my desktop (Mac of course) for daily check-ins.

Perhaps because there are writers in my family, the topics you cover -- particularily today's issue of your family's reactions -- are always of interest. And then there's the Jewish thing. And your sister, my third daughter.

Your blog stands out from others because of the attention you give to your writing. It may be a bissel uncensored, but it's carefully crafted. It shows.

Enough strokes for one day?

"An innocent comment but it made me start thinking of all the ways I develop different personalities to match my different relationships, and now having this online version of myself could screw up all my work in revealing only carefully chosen bits of myself to different people!"

This made me laugh harder than anything I've heard all week and is the #1 reason why I don't have my own blog! (Even though now I don't have to because like I said before, I think it, you type it.)

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