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February 14, 2005


Oy! And I am thinking of my posting yesterday with roses and sweetness all around. I hang my head in shame because I know you are right, right, right!

And yet, we had a lovely dinner last night in Chestnut Hill and the management gave ONLY the women each a red rose. I donated mine to the bartender who worked conintuously like a maniac the whole evening - unnoticed!

Kendall and I are going for a special dinner this weekend and I can't wait! I am willing to set aside all my values for a nice creme brulee! Good for you for giving your rose to the bartender (why do only women get the damn flowers?).

Danny, you are a splendid curmudgeon. Tamar, how appalling that in Chestnut Hill, the management gave roses only to the women! When Melissa and I celebrated Valentine's Day at the Harvard Club last year, the only queer couple there, we each received a rose with nary a blink of an eyelid. Bravo, Harvard!

(And _if_ you want to indulge on Valentine's Day, nuthin' says loving like a chocolate ganache cake from Dancing Deer Bakery!)

Danny: My wife **forbids** celebration of Valentine's Day. It's just ahead of Halloween on her list of Holidays Jew Should Have Nothing to Do With. Of course, she gets a **little** peeved if I don't acknowledge it in **some** way. But she's cute when she's mad.

All men are idiots and about 30% of all women are as well. Relationships for these will be successful. For the other 70% of women a labotomy is needed for any happiness with a man. As soon as she figures out that he is selfish to the core and an ignorames, her happiness is doomed.
You disagree, look at the world. Men have ruled it for the pass milenia and look at the mess. you realy want to trust your heart and affections to them?

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