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February 24, 2005


And if we DO remind you to stay away from Hollywood during pre-Oscar week next year, will you listen to us? I think not.

Danny: I can't tell if it's wonderful or horrible to live in the shadow of the "star-making machinery." I can just see that guy you're describing. Played by Dennis Hopper, or Willem Dafoe?

"I couldn’t believe I whipped out my digital camera and started snapping pictures at all. A few months ago I wouldn’t be caught dead with a camera on Hollywood Boulevard and now, thanks to my blog, I carry it around “just in case I see something interesting.” SEE WHAT YOU’RE TURNING ME INTO? "

Great stuff, Danny! Now we know what happened to Hunter Thompson's spirit. Kendall: if you happen to catch Danny retyping Hemmingway, give me a call and we'll schedule an internvetion.

Keep up the great work!

Umm.. make that "intervention".


i love seeing what you're seeing with the digital camera. it's making me want to try that.

Also, it's such a pleasure to watch someone sorta . . . snuggle into blogging, and hit their stride, and wriggle and work the form into a shape that fits their own lineaments, plus -- like a snow angel.

Finally -- I KNEW if anybody got the Donald O'Connor reference, it would be you.

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