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February 23, 2005


Danny, I am speechless. This is one of the best postings about the nature of blogging that I have seen thus far. Apart from having me rolling on the floor and kicking my heels in the air laughing. I can identify with every single thing you are saying - except of course Kendall's family and notoriety and being a Bloglieb - although I want to have Amba close by wherever I go!

This piece needs to be published. I mean it - there - that's an author telling her editor what to do with his writing. Now, please, don't delete my comments today - please, I beseech you! In any event I intend to announce you on my blog about this posting. Take it or leave it!

Oh, man. You're way too funny to be a Gottlieb.

You're onto something with the observation that it's great to be noticed without having to make eye contact or be looked at. It's like acting without the humiliation. (Remind me to tell you of having to play Banquo in HAMLET, in one of my last professional gigs, and having to come on as Banquo's ghost in white body paint, a g-string, and chocolate syrup. That went over real big at the student matinee. Oy!)

Hey... Tamar needs Amba, but not me!

I may have to go into therapy...

Oh dear - I identify with that feeling too, David. Even in jest - there is always truth to jest. That's why Danny's humor is sometimes painful at the same time. And why I take you seriously.

Believe me, I need you too. Remember when I couldn't understand why you deleted my comments?

6. Blogs make your birth family feel special!

Oh Danny, when I read your realization that you can't deny that you are, in fact. SWIMMING in the short, fat and dumb Miller DNA, I felt SO special. Thank you Danny, from the bottom of my short, fat and dumb heart.

7. Blogs will make your birth family hate you.

I don't see why trying to publicly deny my DNA or implying that my family members are short, fat, and dumb, should cause a rise out of my sister...if she IS my sister, that is. Oy, now I'm really in trouble and I don't have a therapy session scheduled until next week. I'm suddenly grateful that my siblings DON'T have blogs. Sue, you know I think you're all perfect—I was only reflecting my own body dysmorphic disorder!

It's so funny to me that you would take the number of comments (or lack of them) that you receive, personally. Please remember that our own neuroses (of course I am only speaking for myself) about having our comments read by others, may be the reason you don't see as many comments as you would like and doesn't have anything to do with you (although I can totally relate this kind of narcissistic thinking, which of course feeds back into the anxiety about other people reading my comments!).
David-did Danny tell you that I recently asked him if you were his cousin why he's never mentioned you before? I guess I wasn't the only one wondering...


This is the highlight of my week! (And I spent the beginning of it in Europe.)

I'm commenting. Here's a comment. Get ready. Here comes a comment.
You are a fantastic writer and I'm addicted to reading your blog every day, because of your sister with the Miller DNA. (thanks Sue, I never get anything done now.)
When I go to your site, and you've skipped a day, I get mad at you, and say, "he's SO lazy." Never mind that I couldn't come close to your eloquence and wit.
Anyway, keep up the good work. Happy two-month anniversary!

I couldn't have sacrificed my husband to a better cause!!! But please show proper respect to the Miller DNA. I'm in love with it, don't forget.

I am just thankful there is such a thing as blogging. Imagine what Danny would be doing with that sharp wit and fast fingers if there was not. Yikes!


I'm finding ##2 especially appropriate for my own experience these days, for reasons I'm forbidden to go into.

And #3 is a really nice part of this whole venture.

Dearest Danny,
Do you read comments on past blogs? I'm just catching up
on all the blogs you wrote while I was out of town. The
more I read, the more I want to read. You ARE a camera and
you ARE writing a book! Keep going and remember, all I want
for Christmas is a hard copy!
Much love from the mother of the blog widow

Oh, Danny. You're such a natural. You've found your metiér, your forte, your . . . shtick. This is a classic.

And the illustrations!!! Do you spend hours searching for the perfect one? How, where did you find that poster? Is that for real?

A couple of notes:

- David is not too tall. Neither am I. We are the squat bookends of a shelf full of art books.

- I think of 'em as GottlieBlogs. Kudzu? Hmmph.

- It's interesting that you call a post a "blog" (same word for forest and trees? synecdoche?). So does Ancient Mariner. I thought it was a naïve mistake but now I realize it may be a dialect of bloggish.

Oh -- and I love the self-referential picture of your laptop tuned to your blog on your blog. It's a hall-of-mirrors picture of blogblogging!

Hi Danny,

Really enjoyed meeting you the other night at Cynthia's - haven't laughed so much since my late husband called me at work one day and told me he made a little mistake making matzo balls; instead of shaping them like walnuts, he figured they would be better if he made them a little bigger, and he told me we had 4 basketballs in the soup! I told him it was OK as long as dinner was ready when I came home. It was!

What the f.. does URL mean? This is my first time answering a blog so I am a novice.

Hope to see you and Kendall again - you're both OK in my book because you laugh at my humor (?). I've been told many times I should try stand-up comedy, but I am only comfortable in small crowds (like the other night).

Keep blogging - I'm a regular reader now.


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