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February 22, 2005


I feel as if you wrote this one to get a rise out of me - talk about taking it personally! I have suffered from that all my life starting in Rhodesia when I was young. This argument that being left and liberal is emotional and when one becomes rational and wise one becomes conservative. I have a family member that this happened to and I suffer from it. Being idealistic, emotional and compassionate is very intelligent. As for rational! All those as if "rational" people out there are fighting war after war and committing atrocities non-stop. I feel a mouth frothing coming on! Thank goodness for emotional women whatever that means! Just let us run this world ... or are we also sucked into patriarchy and have women learned that only rational is good too? I have heard that we are our own worst enemies. As Lilian Katz would say - this is for another semester! Wow! and Oy!

Conservatives have plenty of emotion when it's time to argue for more tax cuts or against gay marriage. Compassionate conservatism, remember?

And of course the whole abortion debate is rife with emotion...

Hey, Danny: My father-in-law has gone from raving Socialist to Ranting Reactionary in a couple of decades. My wife and I are collectively known to him by the term of endearment "You Liberals."

On the other hand, my brother-in-law who's the CEO of our business, while growing obscenely wealthy is -- perhaps just to get a rise out of his dad -- getting progressively more liberal, even as he gets smarter and more experienced! He's smart as hell and I've never seen him lose an argument.

(Actually, he lost one argument with me. I said we **had** to give our employees Christmas Day as a holiday, not just a floating holiday that they could use on Christmas Day. It offended his atheism. He was so mad at losing, he threw a paperweight at me. Softly.)

If he hadn't gotten more liberal, I'd have never been able to get my nonprofit affordable housing venture off the ground, and 250 senior citizens in Naples, Florida, would now be scattered to the winds or six feet under, while their former complex was redeveloped as high-end condos. Take that, Prager, you prig!

Dear Danny,

I have been asking "Whatever happened to Kendall Hailey?" for years. My husband loved her book (he was a radical adult educator) and would have loved to correspond with her. Tonight I saw the movie, "Stone Reader" and decided to seriously find out what happened to Kendall Hailey. I found your site as well as information about her acting in a play. My husband died a year ago, but he would be happy to know I found her!

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