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February 13, 2005


Danny, did I tell you that Tom loves Wilco? He listens to them all the time. He was thrilled to hear your news this morning.

I can't wait to read your posting about Leah, the party, paparazzi and lots and lots of names dropping everywhere!

Danny, after enjoying your Peterson School post so much, I went back to read your other posts. I just finished reading what you wrote about Rwanda and Anne Bancroft. As the daughter of two Holocaust survivors, I feel great shame that the Rwandan massacres barely registered on my radar. I also completely agreed with what you said about the movie that "humanized" Hitler. The world needs to see him as a human being to fully understand the horror of what happened. Humans are capable of incredible good and incredible evil--we have the choice. Anyway, you've got a new fan; and I'll keep reading.

Jeff Tweedy gave a shout out to all the Korolnek's in the audience tonight at the Wilco/Neil Young concert tonight in Toronto. Hilarious to find this page as a Korolnek!

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