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February 06, 2005


The beauty of neuroses is the fabulous feeling of omnipotence that often accompanies it! Hang in there - you bring us joy!

The tale of my sleeping has been grossly exagerated. I was not asleep until one in the afternoon and I was up by nine the next morning!

Ah yes, thanks for the correction, Kendall. Readers, please note that Kendall slept only 20 hours last night, well within the range of normal sleep patterns!

(Said with love, to quote my very empathetic sister-in-law!)

I went and got a hearing test around a month ago and they said my hearing was fine but they wanted me to spend a night at a sleep clinic at Peterson and Western tied up to electrodes and what not which I will be doing next Saturday after seeing Lane Tech's performance of "West Side Story". If they don't "cure" me maybe they can help with the run-on sentences. I'll give you a full report.

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