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February 28, 2005


Danny I pretty much agree whole heartedly with each point here. I was appalled and disgusted with the piece about Zeta-Jones. It was as humorless as could be. My favorite part was Santana and Antonio. I was all goose-bumps and tears. Is that my sephardic background coming into play, I wonder?

I agree on every point. I really dislike Chris Rock's humor, there's something mean underneath that is troubling to me. I didn't want to watch the telecast because there's no way I can sit through more than 2 minutes of Chris Rock, his yelling, or his bugged out eyes.

danny you are why blogs were invented. ellen and I should start a culture magazine just to have you write about hollywood in general. not about movies. about HOLLYWOOD. because you get it.

also I used to love chris rock and still think he's an extremely talented comedic mind. but the wheels have sort of fallen off the wagon. were I him I'd take five years off, find myself again, and come back. but I'm not him, (un)fortunately.

Danny I agree with every single word you said. It's an absolute shanda that this review is not printed where the world can read it. (I know I sound like Dad now, but it's true)

I agree entirely: the pandering to the troops was just that-- pandering. I am a huge fan of both Selma Hayek and Penelope Cruz, too, and I was completely disgusted not only by the comments you refer to, but by the way they were marched out there together in the first place. As you said, the Oscars have come quite a ways in the treatment of blacks, but there's still a way to go in the way they treat Latinas.

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