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February 17, 2005


Okay - so NOW wll you send me a picture of you for my "friends" album already?

I might. But until I do, feel free to use the picture of Yul Brynner in my post.

I think it how the man perceives his bald head. Just as your mother told you, confidence is everything.

From my own dating files:

I dated a researcher/professor from CMU/Berkley who had the traditional "bald head, goatee face", who was proud of his bare head. I found his baldness incredibly sexy, because it was a constant reminder of the big brain he had underneath his skull.

My next "boyfriend" was an incredibly wealthy and powerful man, who had plugs to disguise his thinning hair. All the plugs managed to do was create more attention to a part of his body he was insecure about in the first place. Definitely not sexy.

My current partner worries about his rising hairline from time to time, but knows I will find him just as attractive with less hair.

Danny, I enjoyed the discussion of hair and lack of, and thought I’d tell you about my Tommy who is in the latter category. After my divorce, when I was ready to date, I put an ad in the Çhicago Reader seeking a Jewish man, in his 50s, with grey hair. Tommy is in his 50s. I met him on the street where we both lived, not through the ad. Now that we’ve been married for 7 years, my spouse entertains me with the following quips: “I had a crew cut and the crew bailed out.” Or, “I have wavy hair – it’s waving me goodbye.” Corny, yes, but try them on for size.

I think for men a full head of hair is supposed to represent youth and virility. But what about gray hair? My dad was 100% gray before he was 30, and my sister who is in her 30s now is heading there too. I have the beginnings of a Della Reese-like gray streak forming on the left and I'm not even 40!

For the record, Yul had a little braid on the side.

Love all these comments and here's one more blog post on the subject from my colleague Lisa Barnett who has also experienced baldness.

Isn't being gray the same as so many things in our crazy culture—considered attractive and appealing for men and a total no-no for women?

(Yul's braid was only in his younger days as Rameses in "The Ten Commandments," right? I think I remember reading that he really was never bald--he just found a "look" that worked for him and kept it through endless revivals of "The Kind and I!")

I'd be interested to hear your take on this:


Yul Brynner WAS legitimately balding. I did remember coming across an old, rare photo of him with hair before he shaved it off and he was clearing receding in the picture, about the stage of baldness that I am at now -- a Norwood 3.5 or so. But yes, his shaved pate works very well for him. It almost inspires me to shave my own thinning pate and work out like him. Maybe it will actually improve my love life, but I won't bet on it.

Bald is hot. Period.

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