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February 08, 2005


This is a posting that gives me courage to talk about some of my deepest issues. You are "rubbing off" on people not by your "neurosis" but by your ability to write so descriptively and WELL, and by sharing some difficult and uncomfortable issues in ways that are interesting, humorous and moving.

I can't get over the gender issue re: insanity. Women are hysterical and men have adventures. EVEN in a topic like this. Amazing!

I know that this posting could not have been easy for you.

Thank you.

Danny: What kind of role does ordinal position play in this? You're a middle child, right?

Is it my imagination, or do we, as Jews, have more trouble being comfortable in our skins than others? I had a great uncle who fell in love with a non-Jewish girl. Saw the writing on the wall and committed suicide. It goes on from there.

Great, great post. Lots to think about.

No, David, I'm the youngest in my family. But you're right, I believe that role of "the good one" is usually taken up by the middle child. And while I know, of course, that so many other cultures are rife with mental illness (doesn't Scandinavia have the highest suicide rate in the world? It can't just be the weather!), I do think that we Jews have certain mental disorders embedded into our DNA at this point. It's understandable considering our history over the past 5,000 years. Sometimes I'm surprised any Jew is able to have a relationship or open the front door when the doorbell rings. At least we eat well.

Danny, now I know why I enjoy your blog so much: along with all the personal-family info, we get cultural touchstones. Your catalogue of mental illness films is terrific. I can still see the Snake Pit scene, but ain't you too young to remember that?

No, thanks to joys of revival houses and DVDs! But I almost feel like I was there in the flesh. Maybe Sue and I were Olivia de Havilland and Joan Fontaine in our past lives. Oh wait, both of them are still alive...sorta.

Oh God, now I'm responding to my own comments! A new benchmark in Blog Narcissism? But my sister just yelled at me for my "mean" comment about Olivia de Havilland and Joan Fontaine being "sorta" alive! In the event that Olivia and Joan are hunched over their computers devouring my every word, I'd like to personally apologize to them and tell them how much I've enjoyed their work over the years! I actually have a letter from Olivia de Havilland that I treasure from many years ago where she talked about what it was like to make "Gone With the Wind" and Kendall and I frequently quote Joan Fontaine's characters in "Rebecca" and "The Women." I guess the "sorta" was a cheap shot. I'd like to think I didn't mean it in an ageist kind of way but more a comment on how they've disappeared from the scene! Hey, I've even read both of their autobiographies! I wonder if they're still estranged. I read that they had a sisterly spat and haven't spoken in years. C'mon, ladies, if I can apologize, so can you!

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