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February 20, 2005


Hey, Danny:

Did you know my brother is big into education reform? He started a **second** blog, at,

which focuses just on education issues. Whatever you do, don't get him started. The two of you would produce so much foam in so short a time, we'd all drown!

I wouldn't let any of your family's blogs fly under my radar! I already have a link to your brother's cool "Final Exam" blog—now I'm just waiting for a blog from the mythical second Gottlieb sister...

Dear Danny

I am the "Florida Teacher" you referred to in today's blog. I just want to tell you what it means to me to have you and so many others express outrage over what is happening in our schools. As unfair as it may be for the teachers who still strive to teach with imagination and heart, it is even more unfair for our students to be reduced to nothing more than a test grade. In my school, students are referred to by their level of achievement on the FCAT. "That student is a level one." or "He's lucky, his students are mostly level threes." We are killing the individuality and imagination of a generation. Thank goodness someone is taking notice of this. If you have to get crazy and foam at the mouth to get the word out- go for it!!!

AMEN to the "Florida Teacher."

Wow, thanks so much for posting, Florida Teacher! I only hope your story will help more and more people come to their senses.

Hi, this is David's nephew... Just been getting into reading blogs and, as a teacher, your words ring very true to my experience. I enjoyed reading it, and I'll look for the books you suggested!

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