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February 10, 2005


Danny, I really wish you would have introduced me to the mood stabilizing nature of Doris Day's work sooner. How much of the past 14 years would have been different if only. Oh well, now I know. Thank you.

Jeff, I can supply substitutes for all your pharmacology needs. Relief is only a DVD away!

Thanks for the Doris Day tribute ... she's such a wonderful actress and singer, but sadly, terribly underrated! A great lady!

Doris is number 1,always has been,always will be,great tibute,ive just started a blog page on doris,please take a moment to have a quick look,Thanks.

Thanks for the Doris Day tribute. I've loved her since I was 10. It's 30 years later, and I'm still listening to her music. She was a terrific singer, and so much fun to watch in films.

Very sad to hear about her son Terry.

:) I find it amusing that three of the really good movies you mentioned involved beating the crap out of someone. But, don't worry, I don't feel that it necessarily provides a link to your character.
I also found the trivia you provided about Charles Manson very interesting. I never knew that before. Thanks for expanding my knowledge. (I live for trivia!)

Sehr wertvolle Informationen! Empfehlen!

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